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  1. Erpatter - I don't have a bf at the moment, or more accurately, I've never had a bf in my life so far. Because I've always sort of been the 'odd one out' in groups, when a guy in the group who is popular and funny approaches me, I instantly tense up because I always think 'Gosh, why would he want to talk to me?' I always think that they're just playing around with me because I never had many people (boys AND girls) take a liking to the quiet, passive me. So yeah, I've had many chances, but I alw
  2. JMTuF1 - Your description of yourself is. totally. spot. on. I'm exactly the same as you, always the one who feels uncomfortable in a group no matter how friendly I try to be. And same here - I actually make deeper connections with others who are also quite left out. I'm thinking that there's something wrong with me or the way I'm presenting myself, and like you too, I honestly cannot figure out what's wrong with me. In fact many of the guys who asked me out are the ones uncomfortable in a grou
  3. Erpatter, thank you for your comment! It is always encouraging to have someone offering their own experiences or advice in times like this (when I feel truly alone and think nobody understands me). I'm sort of like you too. Loner type by personality. I didn't used to feel down about it because I was pretty happy just being by myself, but I have discovered that you can't really get through life like that. This is my first year in college and I just don't want to waste my time away by myself whe
  4. OMG Montoya thank you!!! I'm just so, so glad to see that I'm not the only one suffering from this. Humans are meant to be social animals and just imagine how sad and depressing it must be for one who cannot make deeper emotional connections with others. 'Going with the flow' comes natually to some people (actually to practically everyone I know), but it is the most difficult thing so far that I'm trying to master. I agree with you that preparing questions and stuff to say helps, but I make alo
  5. I just don't get it. I try my best to be as friendly and nice and helpful as possible, try to start conversations with people, join clubs and try to actively participate in activities, and I still have like, 0 friends. What's more, its so obvious those people don't like me at all. I'm majorly depressed right now and just need to vent, my family doesn't understand, I have no friends to share my feelings with, but if I bottle this up any longer I think I'm gonna go crazy. I've always been social
  6. That's why I refrain from telling my friends about my insecurities about my skin because I know they'll just say something like 'oh its not that bad'. But really, if you put yourself in their shoes, what else would you say to your concerned friend (unless they really have severe and disfiguring acne and scarring, thats another case) apart from something encouraging? But having been though this before, I understand that no matter how good their intentions or how encouraging their words are, it do
  7. YES! Sometimes I feel so fake wearing makeup I don't have the courage yet to go au natural outside so I wouldn't know guys' reaction when they see my natural face, but I have witnessed my friend who doesn't get much attention from guys and one day, she came to school with some sheer foundation and light lipgloss and BOOM! Suddenly guys in our class would just stare at her for awhile like seeing her in a whole new light, and guys walking around campus will look at her out of the corner of their
  8. Some good thoughts there Drake I too agree that looking good is a big part of fulfilling our self-esteem. But from first-hand experience I learnt that feeling/being attractive doesn't necessarily make you happy. I used to think that, if only my parents would let me cover my acne with makeup, I'll feel more attractive and thus be more happy. Well okay, I've been wearing makeup for 3 years now and I am at ease with how I look, but I do not feel happy because it seems, being as shy as I am, I am
  9. At the moment make-up is the only thing that can give you guaranteed results. I too suffer from serious undereye circles but I don't wear concealer, because I'm afraid it'll look unnatural and people will get too used to seeing me without dark circles that, they'll get freaked out when they see my panda eyes in all their glory XD But circles are really difficult to get rid of and the only thing I can recommend you to do is put on concealer if it bothers you, and to adopt a healthier lifestyle,