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  1. Yea I know how painful acne can be but look on the bright side- that you have a wonderful family. Please keep us posted on your progress and let us know if this treatment is working.
  2. hopefully you get this message. Im very clear now and what I take is an adrenal support formula, 6 neem tablets, and 50,000 IU's of beta-carotene every day (Herpanacine) you can buy on amazon.com. this in addition to constant fasting and avoiding salt has completely stopped my acne. since your acne concentrates around the mouth, avoid dairy. The laser treatments that will work would be epione in Beverly Hills; its the mother of all treatments. go to epione.com
  3. I agree there was this girl at my church who had acne completely covering both of her cheeks but i still think shes beautiful
  4. Has anyone been taking Vitamin A while getting a fraxel? What effects have you noticed? The reason why I ask is because I am 11 months post accutane and if I dont take Vitamin supplements in the form of beta-carotene I get new acne. Does anyone know if taking this would be detrimental during a fraxel procedure?
  5. Although it is true that results vary, I should mention that I take 25,000 IUs of beta-carotene everyday and coconut oil and I'm 10 months post-accutane with still no breakouts and a had "severe cystic acne" on my face and "acne conblongata" severely on my back for 6 years
  6. its good to find friends that accept you for who you are, which is not perfect. Friends that really like you for your personality not what you got and how cool you are and who you hang out with.
  7. Okay first of all this always happens when people with moderate/mild acne get prescribed accutane because they lose all there sebum production. People who have severe acne and take accutane has their sebum return to normal levels and dont go bald. If I were you I would try adding jojoba oil every day to my scalp to make up for sebum loss. and you definately should not have been prescribed accutane judging by your photo.
  8. Okay so my situation is I am 9 months post accutane 80 mg a day. My face is amazingly still great, and I take Neem, olive leaf extract, beta carotene, selenium, and zinc. However; I noticed on several occasions and I'm not hallucinating but my cheeks dont sweat!!! lol I played basketball for 2 hours a few times this week and my forehead has liquid sweat but my cheeks have a white substance on them like chalk. I tasted it though and its actually salt?!! I will take a picture of it next time it ha
  9. I think this exact same thing happened to me 6 years ago; once you get it I recommend going to your local health food store and buying a bottle of Neem which is an herbal pill. Take 5 every day. Cut out dairy and avoid salt. Salt has I- in it that causes acne. All group 7 elements do. Cl-, Br-, etc. Also; never wash your face in the shower with an antibacterial soap because the Cl- binds to the water vapor and causes cloroform to form on your face. Search online and buy Neem soap also for your
  10. Has anyone ever seen an Arab from like Lebanon or Jordan with acne? I think if I lived there, acne would just stop
  11. I've just gotten in contact with all my old friends on facebook and they all seem to have these great lives with all these friends and I when I'm asked what I've done with my life Im not sure what to say? What would I say? I had acne for 6 years and then it cleared up because of accutane. I can't confide in anyone accept one who I recently got in contact with and we were very close but Im here in college and it just sucks. Its all work, and I dont ever have a clue as to how to make real friends.