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  1. Howdy ya'll. Last summer, a derm took a look at my moderate body acne (mostly concentrated on tmy back, with lots of marks from old pimples) and prescribed me Tazorac, telling me that' it'll start showing results within six weeks. I didn't take it regularly afterwards, but have been doing so for the last 2-3 weeks in preparation for this summer. The stuff looks like its been working so far, at least in controlling new pimples. But I just finished reading an anecdote on another forum about how
  2. I made an appointment with a derm for the first time in over 4 years two days ago to look for a solution to my body acne, and was prescribed Neobenz as a wash and a cream (whose name escapes me at the moment, gotta go pick it up from the pharmacist) to put on my back at night. When I went to the pharmacy to pick both up, I was told by the pharmacist that the manufacturer of NeoBenz discontinued the product. If so, then why did the derm prescribe me it in the first place? Has anyone here used N
  3. I've had my ups and downs with acne since I was 14. Today I'm 23, and have mild, manageable acne, with the sore spots (and the spots where I've always had the most "activity") being my T-Zone area, with stubborn forehead pimples that have withstood doses of 10% BP, and a nose with noticeably large pores and stubborn blackheads. Both of which I'm sure are caused by my perpetually oily skin. Despite my somewhat healthy diet (make sure to get lots of water, drink multis and Omega-3's every day) and
  4. Wow, I haven't been in this thread in AGES! Glad to see that it's still around. Are you still around topic creator? Last I recall, I was taking GNC's liquid cod liver oil, which I recall making me dizzy/drowsy at times and difficult to take considering all the other stuff I consume during the day. Recently I tried a bottle of "Nature Made" Fish Oil, which contains 2400 mg of Fish Oil per serving (yet contains 720 mg of EPA & DHA). Is Nature Made a good brand, and how much of it should I ha
  5. I've had my bottle of GNC Norwegian CLO for about a month now, but haven't exactly been taking it every day as I often try to space it out from my 2X a day GNC Mega Men Multi-Vitamin doses. That being the case may explain why I haven't seen much results. In my latest does however, I've been noticing like a visibly oily/greasy film within the oil, I've kept it inside my (very cold) fridge all of this time. Think of the stuff you see on oil and cholesterol collected from food, something like tha
  6. Which type of H&S are you guys using and talking about here? I have with me here an unopened bottle of H&S 2in1 "Smooth & Silky" shampoo with 1% pyrithione zinc...........is that adequate enough or should I spring for another type?
  7. Anytime, I really like helping everyone as much as I can. You can definitely take it in the morning, after food, and even with your multi. Just be sure it's in the fridge so it's cold. Also get a measuring cup that has 1 teaspoon (5ml) listed. An easy way is go to your medicine cabinet and pull out some cough syrup. On the cap they give you those small measuring cups :). I use that. I just plop it over the top of the bottle and I am set to go. Let me know how it tastes like. Ah, I se
  8. Answers in bold :) Thanks for the detailed responses Romeo! Well, I went ahead and purchased a bottle of GNC's Liquid Norwegian Cod Liver Oil today, and plan on opening it tommorrow. Before I do so however, I have two other questions: - Should I take the CLO with food (kinda skeptical on that, dunno how it would "vibe" with my food and digestion, Mega Men vibes just fine with both though) or can I just take it straight in the morning and at night? - Can I take the CLO soon before/aft
  9. I believe you are set to go. Since most of the vit A is from beta-carotene, also considering only a percentage of the rest is absorbed :). Bingo, that's the bottle of CLO from GNC :) So that should take away any need for any excess omega 3 from fish oil liquid. Hope that helps Yes, that is of help, but I still have some more questions: - The recommended daily intake for GNC's liquid CLO is one teaspoon (5ml) daily. 5ml is also the Serving Size. In our acne-related cases, would we have
  10. Depending on how much vitamin A is in your capsules, it may be best to simply get a liquid fish oil instead of the CLO. Another question is, how much of the vitamin A in the capsules are absorbed? I have no answer to it except general findings, but that information found was only talking about centrum like pills, not GNC since I am sure they are made different. If you decide to go for the CLO still, they sell a liquid version, use that, don't go for capsules. Most people here are using either
  11. Here are the ingredients of the bottle of Head & Shoulders "Intensive Treatment" Shamboo that I use: http://ec1.images-amazon.com/images/I/11Y6...ytL._AA160_.jpg Selenium Sulfide (1%)|Water|Ammonium Laureth Sulfate|Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate|Glycol Distearate|Cocamide MEA|Fragrance|Dimethicone|Tricetylmonium Chloride|Ammonium Xylenesulfonate|Cetyl Alcohol|DMDM Hydantoin|Sodium Chloride|Stearyl Alcohol|Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose|FD&C Red No. 4 Any of these ingredients stand you to you
  12. Interesting responses again guys..............looks like I really have to ponder how to adjust my diet after I'm done scarfing my remaining cans of Chef Boyardee product. Problem is that aside from that and Ramen I don't know what else I could purchase that could serve as a quick bite that'll keep me adequately full while I'm outside working and taking my college classes. I've become so accustomed to the Chef for so long now, and to a lesser extent Ramen (much lesser I might add, I rarely eat it
  13. Ever contemplated creating a new thread Romeo? If I recall correctly you had mentioned that you can no longer edit the first post or topic title so most of the stuff on the first post is no longer relevant since you guys have seemed to have mostly moved on from fish oil. I'm at a loss here: what's the consensus around here as to what type of CLO to take, the daily dosage and any other supplements to go with it? Would continuing to take my daily dose of 2 GNC "Mega Men" multivitamins cover the s
  14. Thanks for the responses guys! I'll asses them more when I have the time (gotta get to bed). I just hope the decade-plus I've spent scarfing down Cheffy B spaghetti hasn't taken a toll on my health or permanently damn me to a life with acne. Need I mention that I'm naturally thin with a fast metabolism, and that I feel hungry about 3 hours after downing a can of Chef Boyardee? Just responding to one of you who brought up digestion and detox.