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  1. Currently on day 9, taking 40mg a day. After the first few days I thought my skin looked a tiny bit better than it had before I started. Although I did get two small and one medium sized whiteheads. And I don't get whiteheads... The type of acne I have is a mix between cystic and clogged pores that become inflamed etc.. The whiteheads dried up after a few days, but on the morning of day 6, my face looked like it had more breakouts of my usual type of acne. Currently, my skin seems no be
  2. Hi there, I wasn't planning on starting a journal on here. I was going to keep my own journal to document my Accutane experience, but after spending pretty much the entire excruciating month of waiting (to get the 2nd pregnancy test) on this site, reading Accutane journey after accutane journey, in preparation for what my own journey may possibly hold for me... I decided to share my experience here, in case there is anyone else out there like me, who might benefit in some way from reading this