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  1. got agree, highly doubt it's EDM. You would have had a reaction sooner.
  2. don't do it around your period, it's more sensitive, take an advil beforehand if you want to and for ingrowns, just make sure you exfoliate on a daily basis, it'll help it but you can't stop all bumps and ingrowns all the time. it doesn't hurt that much. But I prefer sugaring to waxing.
  3. I know you think it isn't 'wierd', but it really is. Urine is our WASTE, it was never meant to be applied to your skin, no matter the sterility. There's a reason why certain things just aren't accepted in society. Would you take a poo on yourself if that cured something else non-life threatening? At some point it just becomes ridiculous, you've hit that point. I i know you've heard this a million times already, but I just wanted to re-state it. I'd WAY rather have a girl with acne than a girl wh
  4. this urine thing has been around for centuries, so this is not a scam or spam
  5. tough call, most acne sufferers are acutely sensitive to their acne...if you say something she could take offense and think that when you see her all you see are her pimples even if you don't...have you two ever openly discussed her acne at all?
  6. r u on birth control? or were you before or after the breakouts?
  7. try the sugaring stuff instead, it's like wax but more gentle on the skin. you can get it at any drug store or walmart
  8. i want to try a brazillian but i get ingrows just with regular sugaring, nothing major so i don't know if i want those bumps in the hard to reach places, nor do i want the guy to see it too!! mind you, a brazillian turns most guys on!!
  9. i think i'll try the purplish almay one on my blue eyes
  10. I use EM and love it for the most part, pretty much all parts. I haven't used BE but the word is that it makes faces shinier and makes people break out. I think BE is for people with acne free complexions and EM is more for people with acne and or scars. Also, there's an ingredient in BE, not sure the name of it (brain fart) that irritates skin. EM is more natural.
  11. the way i see it,if you don't have acne or rosecea (sp) and other skin conditions then why wear foundation? Put a little blush on if need be and off ya go!!
  12. i don't use moisturizer with my EMM, I'll use a silicone primer for some spots, if i have a dry match i'll put some jojoba oil on it. ONly very rarely do I add a teenie tiny drop of moisturizer. for some reason, EMM sits better on my face without moisturizer. remember every face is different
  13. if you wanna go natural try drinking 2-4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar daily for at least 2 months or so and see if that does anything. It helps me a lot!
  14. i've been drinking 2 tablespoons a day (sometimes more) for months now, i think since jan.feb. and when i skip it i break out...so me personally I am sticking to it for probably life. works for some. some it doesn't work.