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  1. you could try going to a dermatologist and ask what'll be the best thing to do with that lump of skin..
  2. is it ok to take in supplements without the supervision of a dermatologist/doctor?
  3. i received an email from karen.. heh! get the heck away with your pills and stop bothering us.. we don't need the kinds of you who will use people's weaknesses just to promote their blahs about internet marketing..
  4. but a friend of mine said that nu skin is effective... so im still considering trying that one too... i know a distributor of the product so i guess i can get a discount or something...
  5. yeah, panoxyl... why from mercury???? i use the acne-aid soap that is also from the makers of panoxyl, and clean and clear moisturizer... i am considering about using the nu skin clear action acne treatment set which was recomended by a friend, but it is extremely expensive.... about Php 6600 for the retail price and php 4700 for the whole sale price... but they say its effective in clearing past and present and preventing future breakouts..
  6. thanks... lucky malaysians.. i already used a substitute for neutrogena BP, panoxyl.. it really did a little job in clearing my acne so i want to try for myself if the neutrogena on-the-spot acne really works...
  7. anyone already used this kit? was it effective? is it worth the price?
  8. Any pf you guys tried this wash? i'll just start using this product today... is this effective?
  9. .... on-the-spot acne treatment in the philippines?(if there's any)
  10. hello. you have 144 tubes? uh, im from the philippines and here i can't find an On-the-spot acne med. do you sell them? if so pls contact me..im interested in buying some. [email protected]