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  1. i've read your posts guys and i'm going to stay away from the discussion for now... i've already spent way too much time (few years) fighting and researching acne, enough is enough. i'm trying accutane to combat my flushing thing... it's my 4th day today on 10mg/day, i can already feel/see huge improvement (40-60%)... of course it may be placebo a effect - fuck knows, something is happening... i'll give it few more months and if i'm happy from the results i'll stay on it, for life? if it doesn
  2. right guys, i've been off the board for dunno a year or so now, thought i'll never come back... unfortunately i got a condition and wanted to share... in a nut shell, last year i finished hight dose accutane course, drug cleaned me nicely, not even a single blackhead left .... magic happened and i stay clean all the time. unfortunately i do experience flushing and burning very ofter through the day, it's really getting into me right now as what i understood i most probably swapped acne with s
  3. dosage i was on: 100mg/day and my course lasted for around 4 months... i reached 180mg/kg dose and then i decided to stop as i was 100% clear by that time. i didn't really listen to my doc, 40mg/day of tane she put me on was a joke, just needed her for free blood tests. apart from dry lips, which was annoying, i didn't really suffer any serious side effects. blood tests were perfect and i was feeling great. back when i was researching accutane i found that article about maintenance dose, i be
  4. it's been like 3-4months after my tane course... i'm 100% clear and dry, well not oily. anyway, the problem is that I'm having those hot flushes... would they ever go away? never had them before... oh.. i'm still dropping in some (40mg/week) maintenance dose, i think it's an addiction now, lol for all the new accutane users... hang in there, its a wonder drug! thanks
  5. did any one of you experience an increased water retention while on accutane? my face looks swollen/fat even that i'm off accu for like a month now.. still droppin in some maintenance dose 100mg/week tho..
  6. also to drop the pressure at the appointment - think that you can always get accutane online without any problems. derm is not your last resort!
  7. lie, lie and one more time lie.. practice at home so it looks natural. tell them that you've lost boyfriend, job.. got evicted from home because parents couldn't stand your look, caused car accident since the other guy's been staring at your pimples instead at the road, etc. trust me in this one. no reason to tell them true, they've got it in the system anyway, instead surprise them!
  8. condition of my lips improved by 70% in two weeks after stopping tane... now they're just dry, but who cares