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  1. another reason to fine natural based products where company has your interest at heart. You can find this out quickly by reading ingredients and interacting with company via social media or email.
  2. For females who wear makeup you absolutely should use cleansing oil combined with water based cleanser (called double cleansing). The reason is that some contaminants, product residue, etc are oil based while others are water based molecules. Double cleansing will remove both.
  3. metronidazole we use in hospital and commonly called Flagyl to treat bacterial infections. I would use the metronidazole by itself for while and let it knock out the bacteria. I would not mix it with your 'osmosis' product because we don't know if it will diminish the effectiveness of your antibiotic.
  4. Personally, I am fan of using natural synthetic-free ingredients for acne. Holy S when I look at Kalme skincare its ton of synthetic chemicals. I look at skin care like food.....do your job but don't have ton of chemicals in it.