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  1. 3d skin bioprinting , practically in the near future it will be available for treating burn wounds , scratches and acne scars
  2. https://3dprint.com/162785/spanish-3d-skin-bioprinter/
  3. No, stop using all the products you find around and go to a derm .
  4. Your acne looks so similar with mine when I was 16 when I had the worst breakout ever ... Since that breakout I was thinking I will follow derms instructions and everything will be fine.. Pretty easy , right? Nope , wrong . My acne never stoped , I constantly get that shit and now I am full of scars . You wanna live your ? Go on Accutane because ur acne have scarring potential. Don 't repeat my mistake please..The only thing I want to do anymore in this life is to help others . Don t let ur derm
  5. Hi ! The way you think is very very wrong . I used to think like you 1-2 years ago but I realised if you are an acne sufferer you will know exactly from your mistakes what to do and how to treat your kid acne from the mild stage . In 15-20 years a looooot of things can change. Look how fast technology evolved . 3d skin bioprinting is the next technology wich will treat stretch marks / acne scars/burn wounds . It s all over the internet and it s the only thing wich give me hope and help me not
  6. Girl please...idk why u are here.. you look like the perfect instagram girl with extrem flawless face .. Why u talk about scarring? You don't have any ideea what acne is.. You want to hear the fact you are beautiful?Yes , you are very beautiful , I won t lie you . Also if you really want some help post here close pics with your face without makeup . Try to post the worst photos you can find in your opinion . Peace and love
  7. I never heard about that laser too?!? You look like the best candidate for TCA cross . Wait for more replies bcz that lasser sound like a bullshi*.
  8. It s not a rule , It depends a lot because acne it s a very complex disease. I had some big pimples which hurt me a lot and it don t left a scar . I also have very minor pimples which left me with horrible scarring . Also it doesn t matter if u don t feel an indention , because fingers can feel only bigger scars than usualy ones .I also had a shock when I was thinking a pimple was 100%healed ( only hyperpigmentation left) and then after 2 3 weeks in that place was a scar...how?idk acne sucks. By
  9. Ofcourse , In my opinion I truly believe that's the near future, check the topic dedicated for http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/358522-anyone-excited-about-the-idea-and-development-surrounding-3d-printing-skin-could-this-be-the-answer-were-looking-for/#entry3522961
  10. Organovo: insane earnings in comparation with last year . Future look very good in my opinion . I truly believe the technology evolved insane in the last years and now 3d skin bioprinting is the future and will revolutionize everything in scarring industryhttp://www.baystreet.ca/articles/stockstowatch.aspx?id=1273 ( 19 july 2016) . Organovo +l'oreal is the best combo to develop this , and they aren't the only who work on this project .Beside them a lot of companies also work individually in thi
  11. Ur scar are so so so mild bruh stay chill don't worry , don't try every shit you hear it will make ur scars better cuz u can ruin ur face . The only thing good for you in my opinion is Tca cross , nothing else , maybe I'm wrong , wait other members to reply .
  12. I know you can diminish scars a lot but ....it s not the same thing . Some months ago I was sad cuz of my scars now I'm ruined.. the idiot derm said me not to worry cuz it's ok , cuz I'm young and they will heal.....YEA SURE NICE JOKE DERM..now I'm left with more scars and there's a hugeee chance to get more and more The point here is : If you have acne , check ur face in all types of lightning you can find , if u see ur acne left you with scars DON'T EVEN DARE TO THINK oh loook I'm ok I have
  13. Idk why I can't see ur pics , the only thing i see in ur post is "." mb it s a bug or smth . Am I the only?
  14. You can't stop the regimen now , keep follow the steps , ur acne is a mild mild case , nothing bad will happen to you , I'm sure . By the way I hope you know you are soooo gorgeous lol .