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  1. Hmm interesting. It has a couple of strains I've not seen before. I'll have to google around about those ones. Why did you stop taking it? Yeah I did mainly 3-day courses for Elixa.
  2. Fantastic Mrs Diamond! Congratulations and thank you for sharing your experiment and results
  3. It's funny you mention this, because I got my sister into taking Elixa recently (she wanted to see if she could use it to avoid zits around her period time). She said it caused her a few blemishes to begin with and then started working really well. She's researched and had come to the same conclusion as you about die-off, but I can't say that I ever experienced that myself. I think she took a couple of 6 day courses and it was towards the end that things 'flipped' and her skin improved. I haven
  4. I don't believe that acid reflux would cause acne. However I believe that the thing that would cause acid reflux/GERD, also causes skin problems - a gut dysbiosis. So it may not be the case that one causes the other, but that a third thing (in this case: an incorrect profile of bacteria in your digestive tract) can cause both. My theory is based on the fact that the same probiotic that cleared my skin, has also been reported to clear acid reflux problems. Additionally, the same foods
  5. I agree 100% with this. If you check the packaging on sliced bread you'll see a laundry list of ingredients above and beyond the simple things that bread used to be made from. I believe any fermentable ingredients (i.e. ingredients that make it non-fully-digested to the large intestine) have the potential to cause you skin problems; by the way they affect the population of bacteria in your gut. Same with milk.
  6. Hi Mrs Diamond, Firstly, I'd like to say that you don't have to be coeliac or lactose intolerant, for wheat or milk (respectively) to give you acne. Infact you don't even need to be allergic to them. People are not allergic or intolerant to KFC, yet it still worsens skin. I very much doubt that you have coeliac based on the fact that you would have experienced severe pain from the autoimmune reaction that would take place in your small intestine, soon after eating any amount of gluten pro
  7. I hear ya Beemm and I think you are absolutely correct about the gut dysbiosis. I'm convinced that it's responsible for almost all skin problems. However the actual effectiveness of the home procedure version of the FMT has to be examined. It has been highly effective against C.Diff and the capsule version and naso-gastric route was even more effective than the enema route (which is counterintuitive). Have you tried a probiotic? None of them come close to the bacterial variance that an FMT w
  8. It's called Elixa. And bear in mind I have tried MANY before, with zilch success. I stopped testing probiotics once i was on like... my TENTH brand. One brand did do something. But I later found out that was a fiber included in it. (the something that it did, was relating to bowel habits, not skin) But when I read some good things about Elixa I googled about it and saw their whole style of taking the high dose over a short period of time, as opposed to one capsule forever, so I thought it was
  9. Probiotics definitely cleared me right up....but they didn't contain Bacillus Coagulans. May I ask, why would you use Bacillus Coagulans? Is it not a spore-forming bacteria that's not found naturally in our large intestines??
  10. To be frank, I'm really skeptical when people claim that product X 'broke them out the worst ever' and then proceed to claim that 'topic Y' has no relation to acne whatsoever. You've said that this probiotic broke you out and then concluded that means gut flora has nothing to do with regulating sebum production...?? Make up your mind!!! There either is or isn't a connection! haha For me it did the opposite. But then again, I had a gut problem also, and it cleared that up Could be
  11. A little update: Everything's going well. The skin on my upper back and neck are now as smooth as my under-forearm. Really weird sensation to feel that. Still haven't got used to it yet. Face is all the same tone now, aswell. Never really noticed I had varying skin colour in my face (e.g. slight bits of redness or irritated looking skin) until it went away..
  12. Yeah if you got diarrhoea maybe it was from inulin/FOS in your supplement. Half the reason I went with Elixa (the other half was that it was high dosage) was that it contained NO inulin/fos/similar fibre. They always talk about inulin/FOS feeding the good bacteria and all this stuff (e.g. 'maximises the effect by 1000x!') but for me it just gives me massive bowel discomfort. And it's obvious why really: if it feeds bacteria and you have an excess of bad bacteria in your gut that are gives you
  13. Hey Paige, I'm confident I've given this an extremely thorough trial since it has been atleast 10 weeks. Despite it recommending just to take it once, the positive results made me super motivated just to see how how i could really take it, or if there are diminishing returns. I took about.. 4 boxes in the past 2 months, i'd say.. My skin is great. No seb derm anymore and my oiliness has gone from total oil slick to a barely noticeable (healthy looking) sheen. It's not dried out and it's not oi
  14. The probiotics I took didn't have any of that stuff in it. Just curious, though, what is the brand that you take? A really high strength one I found called Elixa. It's a three day program in a little purple box. I'll do a sort of write-up/review on here after another week or so of observing the effects Their website has alot of extra info on it if you're interested. It's best thing since sliced bread as far as i'm concerned
  15. Probiotics were the silver bullet that cleared my skin completely. I wonder whether people breaking out from them may be taking probiotics containing additional ingredients such as inulin/fructooligosaccharides. That would explain breakouts. Probiotics on their own will mostly do nothing good or bad. That's because they are far too low dose. You need a much higher dose for them to work. Only one brand worked for me... and when it worked, it freakin' worked good! It's what got me back intere
  16. Have a look into Low-FODMAP instead. But learn and understand the acronym rather than trusting the charts that people put up of allowed/disallowed foods. Most of them are wrong.
  17. Avoid vegetables...? Helped me immensely. I have a gut dysbiosis. For a healthy gut, fibre is great. For an unhealthy one, fibre is not great. How do you get enough nutrients without eating any vegetables, though? It just doesn't seem healthy. If you're referring to vitamins and minerals then I'd say I get plenty from the other components in my diet. Eating something that has 100kcal per kilo certainly didn't factor into our evolution, and homosapiens made it til now. Alot of these usefu
  18. Hey bro, No problemo, you're welcome! I checked out that Dermol just now. Seems it is antiseptic plus emolient. Neither are anti-fungal, so it means the chance of an anti-fungal working is still on the table. See what Nizoral 2% cream does for you, if after 5-6 days there is no improvement then we'll rethink towards another strategy.
  19. Avoid vegetables...? Helped me immensely. I have a gut dysbiosis. For a healthy gut, fibre is great. For an unhealthy one, fibre is not great.
  20. Wow, well you certainly answered my question comprehensively! I'm going to have to bow out of this discussion because my knowledge in the area of hormone therapy is not great. It might be worth getting another blood test to see if your hormones are out of whack according to that. I wish you luck!
  21. That chart you put up overcomplicates things and seems to be drastically wrong in any case. My general low-FODMAP advice would be: Avoid simple sugar. Avoid Dairy. Avoid veg/carbs other than white rice. Just do it to whatever strictness you want. If you understand the acronym FODMAP then that should explain all you need to know. That's it. Keep it simple - Increases compliance.
  22. Hi there. Do not despair. We can tackle this with a systematic approach until it is resolved. My first question: What makes you think this is hormonal acne? I.e. specifically related to an incorrect profile of hormones in your body. Thanks.
  23. Firstly: Do not worry bro. This looks very mild and should be fixable in no time. Secondly: I agree that it might have something to do with dermatitis. Based on your description of it I would advise you use an antifungal cream for a short while to test the theory. I strongly advise ketoconazole. This is available in nizoral 2% cream. (don't get the shampoo accidentally.) This cream is available only via prescription I think. But perhaps you can get it from an online pharmacy. Thirdly: Wh
  24. Women can experience this quite commonly following discontinuing or beginning BCP, HRT, menstrual bleeding reduction medication. The common diagnosis is that it is caused by a change in hormones. However it could be the secondary effect of these hormonal treatments on the bacteria of your large intestine. If you are serious about resolving it quickly then try all the following: Supps: Zinc 50mg per day Elixa probiotic (maybe a couple rounds) Diet: Zero Carb or Zero FODMAP Especiall
  25. To answer your question: Absolutely, yes! I do the following to create a real matte look to my face. -Take one of those bushy makeup brushers that girls use to apply bronzer or whatever powder they use. -Tip some talcum powder onto it. - Shake it to remove excess - Dust back and forth across your face until it goes completely matte. -Keep dusting until any visible talcum powder is removed. Note that I am a male and I have tanned skin and it is not visible at all, after doing this