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  1. back then I used to enjoy playing basketball by myself; I would get really frustrated with the way my face looked and that always put my in a state of restlessness as well. So I would just find an empty court and start shooting. Or I would go to the gym, but try to find a time where there were less people there. Tried listening to music as well, only it didn't work out so good, just couldn't find the peace of mind to really enjoy it. What do you guys do when you just wanna chill or be done with
  2. I found out that if you have acne, no matter how light or severe your skin problems and breakouts may be, then an anti acne diet that eliminates most spices from your diet may help reduce inflammation and minimize the number and frequency of acne episodes that you have. No one wants food that is bland or unappetizing, but adding many spices to you foods can irritate your skin and aggravate any acne that you already have. Acne friendly recipes often include garlic and onions, as well as a small a
  3. In my experience, stress is definitely a factor. I had acne for a long time (about 10 years) and it would get waaay worse when I stressed out...I wear a beard today to cover the scars :). I don't think that handlng stress alone can cure it, but it's one solid brick set in the foundation. my 2 cents.
  4. Here's a quick copy pasted article cut - "One contributing cause of acne is inner turmoil. When you are a mess on the inside this shows through in your skin, causing blotches, pimples, and even severe breakouts that are embarrassing and that destroy any confidence and self esteem that you have. There are a number of methods that can be used to help you achieve inner peace. Meditation, relaxation, thinking consciously, and many other spiritual and psychological techniques can be used to help rel
  5. Hey guys, here's a bit of info regarding the best supplements for acne. They don't cure acne on their own, but in conjunction with the right diet, they could help out a lot. copy-pasted from an article I found. Green Tea Extract This is the strongest of all acne supplements. In terms of fighting free radicals, green tea extract is twenty times stronger than Vitamin C and fifty times stronger than Vitamin E. The extract is anti-inflammatory, anti-radiation, and anti-carcinogen. It has been
  6. thanks for your thoughts, Jazzguy. I appreciate you taking the time, and the mature perspective. So you're saying that people CAN live with acne quite confidently, it's just a matter of perspective?
  7. Hello everyone, former acne sufferer here, I'm 29 now, and I've been having problems with acne ever since I was 16 or so. Irony was it started getting worse after my teen years, and worse. to this day, although I don't break out anymore, the scars are very much there and visible (one of the reasons I started wearing a beard). Nothing I can do about my forehead, though . I started getting better when I made small changes in my diet (less sugar, no fried stuff etc); much more complex than th