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  1. Oops, I stand corrected... I just know the wheels of progress sometimes turn slowly and there are oftentimes snags that cause delays. The point is, and was, to not wait to get started with the BP, which is the critical bacteria fighting agent in the program. There are lots of good cleansers and moisturizers that are available at the local drugstore that will do the trick. The important thing, because acne is so stubborn and relentless (and unforgiving), is to start the regimen at one's earliest
  2. Roger, You should absolutely start the regimen immediately or, at the very least, after you receive your DKR gel and/or cleanser. It may be well after summer, and even after Christmas, before any moisturizer through DKR is released for sale. Take it slowly, as the directions state, regarding applying the BP, but you may as well get started on the program. And, yes, you may apply your sunscreen on top of everything while playing tennis. You also may want to find a moisturizer with sunscreen (15
  3. This product is not meant to be a replacement for your moisturizer and, in fact, may cause some drying of its own. I would recommend you try it every other night for a week or two, then every night thereafter. I'm not sure it's necessary for twice-a-day application, and may even be overkill, but you could experiment with that. Regarding the moistuizer, you might want to incorporate a very lightweight one for mornings (especially one w/SPF sunscreen). Moisturizers will help nourish your skin as i
  4. It may be because we live in a "more is better" culture and the market (or we consumers) choose our products based on that assumption. Since BP is so hugely drying and rather harsh on the gentle skin of the face, 10% is used primarily for spot treating. For many people, this is enough (they treat their acne as it occurs). For those with potential volumes of acne that can sprout in every predictable and unpredictable place, a program of "preventative" overall treatment of 2.5% BP twice a day work
  5. AHA is an acronym for alpha hydroxy acid (the common of which are glycolic acid and lactic acid). AHAs are used in liquid, gel, or cream form as a method to chemically exfoliate the skin. While not a specific part of the acne.org regimen, many folks around here use AHAs after they are somewhat clear to help even out their skin tone, reduce the appearance of red marks and blemishes left over from acne, and to keep dead skin from accumulating on the surface and further clogging their pores.
  6. I'm not sure, but I think this means "no invasive or laser type" remedies to correct scars. Don't pursue dermabrasion or microdermabrasion at this time. Don't go see a plastic surgeon or have a derm or other doctor address the scars right now. I rather doubt apple cider vinegar would cause you any problems. You might also be able to try Neosporin cream (not the ointment), a light AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) moisturizer to help with the red marks, and maybe even an occasional aspirin mask.
  7. No, it's not the same. That's like taking two doses of an antibiotic at once, when the prescription calls for one every 12 hours. If you want the BP to work at its maximum effectiveness, you would need to apply it twice a day, approximately 10-14 hours apart (give or take).
  8. I guess the point is, no one is sure. Also, everyone reacts differently to everything (short term and long term). In the end, you'll have to make a decision on how you want to go about treating your acne, or not treating it, but no one will know what the end result will be for you. Does that make sense? Cool as kim deal gave you one end of the spectrum, mr d rok gave you the other, but because of this uncertainty, your question is difficult to answer and that may be why more people aren't resp
  9. The regimen is a twice a day application. Some people, after they are clear for an extended period of time, are able to revert to once a day, but I believe most have to keep it to twice. This is because the BP is necessary to kill the acne bacteria in total 24/7. Since bacteria is super stubborn and almost relentless, acne sufferers must keep at it religiously or the breakouts will continue.
  10. Cool as kim deal has answered your question, and everyone around here takes stock in what she says. Now it is up to you to decide how you want to approach it. Either treat it the regimen way -- 2x/day w/gentle cleansing, a fair amount of BP, and moisturizer -- or find some other way you want to go about it (or not go about, as with mr d rok). The next thing would be to read-read-read these message boards inside and out to find answers. There are tons of opinions and experiences around here, bot
  11. This would be my question: I've suggested to my son that he wash his face before his basketball games because the BP will bleach his shirt. So, in fact, he's taking a shower now before games. Unfortunately, the shirt is still becoming bleached. With every game there is a new sweat swipe streak on the arms or some other bleached patch on the chest or neck areas. So this makes me wonder if it's not possible to completely wash off the embedded BP or if he is simply not washing thoroughly with the c
  12. Creams do help, but if you can't be bothered... you can't be bothered!
  13. I vote for the fruit flavored waters. I buy a case at a time, so they are always around, and don't have any trouble grabbing one of those instead of soda or orange juice.
  14. Hmm ... you don't want your sister taking a picture of you when your face is so bad, so you post it on the Internet for everyone to see. Okay. Well, I hope it turns out that your face heals after these horrible side affects of your facial. Good luck!
  15. I don't understand why "mr d rok" and "ACNE SINCE 2006" are hanging around an acne message board when all is well in their world. The gentle cleansing, application of BP, and moisturizing regimen has done wonders for my 14-year old son who's face is now almost normal again. If he hadn't developed acne, I wouldn't have been looking for a solution. Why ditch the solution now that it's working?