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  1. I've struggled with moderate acne since ~grade 7, and I'm 18 now. I haven't picked at it since middle school, but I have these awful red marks that just won't go away! From researching, I think they're hyperpigmentation? My dermatologist doesn't seem to think they're a big deal, and gave me a 5% glycolic acid moisturizer thing that doesn't help at all. I'm wondering if I should look into chemical peels/other removal methods, but my skin is so sensitive that I'm not sure if it would worsen.

    My skin is so dried out. I've tried Cetaphil, a custom mixed moisturizer by my dermatologist, and several drugstore moisturizers. Nothing helps. Everything irritates. But strangely, my skin is incredibly oily at the same time. It makes my skin feel, like... stressed, all the time. I get red every single day. My skin has kind of a scaly texture.

    Any suggestions at all would be appreciated. At this point, after so many doctors and a dermatologist have failed to help, I feel like my skin must be beyond help. I know it's not bad compared to many others, but I can't stop thinking about it.