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  1. The last few days my skin feels incredibly itchy, and although I don't scratch it during the day, I find my skin all red and sometimes irritated real bad when I wake up, meaning I scratch it unconsciously at night Not to mention the skin itself is pretty dry and flaky! I'm afraid all this scratching may lead to some bad scars, any suggestion on how to...prevent myself from doing it ?
  2. I like how he looks in the second pic jp jp mate
  3. It'll take them jamaicamons at least a year before they actually realize you've built 'em there, so the business will just die dig it?
  4. women on heels=sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT but it she's taller than me I feel weird, and I don't like to feel weird when around a girl toddles
  5. you know what, this whole story is just another very good reason to carry a machine gun with ya wherever you go
  6. and by busy city you mean lots of chicks and lots of places to get drunk, m i rite
  7. she's done enough damage here already consider it a THANX for the Mcdonalds and Walmarts poppin' everywhere like mushrooms destroying our lovely local sweet little shops and restaurants nah jp I'm from Scarborough Archangel
  8. If you have a hotmail account, I'll add you up, and you'll be able to admire me without copying my photos on your PC, 'cause you never know what perv might get ahold of your sweet hot pics and the post was meant in 100% seriousness, like it or not sure you might think I'm weird, but aren't we all ? and yeah I think Narcissus is the word, thanx Chachum PS I'm also better than most of you because I live in the greatest country in the world all right maybe not, but I do think Canada is the gre
  9. lol sweet story btw are there lesbians in gay bars? just curious, I never hit on them anyways
  10. send some1 to beat her up after work with a message along the lines of " You take her off tane we slit your children's throats"...all right maybe not, but it's all my freaky mind could come up with
  11. Duh, I would just laugh it away if I were you...or smack her for real, but you never know if she knows kung-fu or some karate stuff...anyways, It does suck to have such people breathe our air, such a waste or resources edit: next time u buy a sandwich say ME LOVE YOUR SANDVICHES LONG TIME
  12. oh wow, that's excessive! And I thought waiting 2 months for my app was hella long :wacko: