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  1. crush the tablets into as fine of a powder as you can then apply a few drops of water. be sure not to add too much water if you want a thick paste.
  2. i'd be careful. i don't know if it was a coincidence or not but i tried high dosages of b5 made by twinlabs and during the same time period started to have some pretty serious anxiety attacks.
  3. after a year of no cystic pimples... i get 2 on my lower cheeks in one week! what have you found to be the most useful when trying to get rid of a cyst fast. it's been almost a week and so far i've tried putting 10% bp and mint masks over them but they just won't go away.
  4. i was wondering...should i stick with home remedies and otc products or is this serious enough to go into a derm's office?
  5. i started having back acne but never did anything about it.. my back got about 3 cysts a day untill i went to the derm for some tricy
  6. how much was it to go to the derm and also to get a shot? i have 2 fairly large sized bumps on my upperlip that will most likely form into a cyst or just stay big and red for a very long time. i want to get rid of both asap so if u have any suggestions feel free to share. thanks
  7. the sucker was a pretty small whitehead when i popped it. i then put neosporin on it and woke up int he morning feeling somethings going on with my upperlip when i tried to yawn.
  8. hey guys, i popped a pimple right on top of the upperlip and now half of my upperlip feels like its numb or something. its really red right now and is forming a bump and it feels like somethings stopping me from moving my upperlip. anyone know what to do?
  9. i think this is the only acne product with all 5 stars at drugstore.com http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...x=28045&tab=1#1 anyone give it a shot? how good is it and do you still use it?
  10. yea.. i know that now... but if they don't tell me ahead of time how much it was going to cost and only charge me 20 bucks for the first 2 times then make me pay up for it after its all been done... i dont know if they can do that. doesnt seem fair
  11. is it just me or have u guys realized a lot of people who call other people ugly look terrible themselves? i know this fat hairy guy that calls everyone ugly and this other dude who is in denial about his acne problem and he calls everybody ugly. he's pretty dam ugly by any standards (the first time i met him i thought holy crap that's ugly) i find it pretty dam funny when they call other people ugly and everyone else around them is quiet and you just know theyre also saying "look at yourself" i
  12. i have two main quetions.. help me if u have time 1.my derm is giving me laser treatment each time and charging me up the ass for it. like 100 bucks a session and it's not really improving much at all. he shoots this laser at points on my face. its a pen laser connected to a big machine and it makes a beep everytime the laser goes off. it stings each time kinda like something warm stabbing at my skin at various points. anyways, if u heard of this treatment can u tell me what it is? and if u ha