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  1. The OP's post really hit home. Even if my scars and all future acne were 100% cured, I would still have the psychological damage from years of being treated differently by people because they easily saw something wrong with my face... I've always been more introverted than extroverted and the worsening scarring in the past 5 years has only made me more introverted. Outside of a few hobby groups, I no longer care to seek out new friends. I still go to things like meetups mainly for outdoor a
  2. I haven't worried about dating for the past 5 years or so (recently turned 30) since my scarring has gotten worse and it is clear to me that the majority of women around my age have trouble accepting that in a man.... At least there are easy outlets for sexual tension including jerking off, escorts, going to Las Vegas or Amsterdam, etc. Those things only bring temporary pleasure though and not happiness.... Even though I recently have become religious again, I do not find fault with people
  3. I know what you are going through OP. Taking a 2nd course of Accutane my senior year of college was the only thing that kept me on track to graduate. During my 4 years of undergrad, my acne slowly but surely came back - especially on my face. It got to the point where it was bad enough again and antibiotics and topicals did not reduce it, that my Derm recommended Accutane again and I wholeheartedly agreed. I agree with the advice that CNA7 gave above about some things you could try. The ac
  4. I guess your mom doesn't have a strong imagination. I'd liken acne to anything that is easily visible, that most people don't have. Thus acne could be similar to if someone had a huge birthmark on their face, large mole or moles, a huge black eye, etc. The main difference is some of those things go away and some of them don't really go away but don't really cause emotional or physical pain (i.e. birthmarks, moles, etc.). The thing that likely hurt acne sufferers the most emotionally and psy
  5. OP - I don't know what else to add that other posters haven't already said. I can certainly relate in that acne and scarring has caused me to cancel some of my plans these past few years. Most of my hobbies these days are solitary ones.
  6. Does your acne only come back during your monthly cycle? If so, then it is most likely hormonal acne. If those topicals aren't working, then I am not sure what else you could try. The more experienced and veteran members here can probably give you more advice.
  7. I am not sure if I can advise for or against the 3rd course of Accutane. I took my first course Jr. year of high school and my second course Sr. year of college. I recently turned 30. Some of the stuff that you mentioned is a little unsettling to me since you made so many improvements (diet, etc.) and the acne still came back... I've only been on a gluten-free diet for the past 6 months and also have followed the acne.org regimen for that amount of time too. It is concerning to me that at
  8. I am trying a different strategy when I interact with strangers for more than 5 minutes or so (be they in a hobby group, meetup group, at the stores, etc.): I will mention my severe acne scarring on my face... I will do this sort of as a way of getting a reaction out of them - not begging them for pity. I want to preemptively mention it and how I have felt about it for the past 4-5 years - especially how it prevents me from interacting normally with normal looking people.... Then if I get cl
  9. So as I work out a treatment plan with some Boston MA, USA area Drs, I am starting to wonder about some of the logistics involved with this. Specifically since I don't live the Boston area, I will be driving about 1.5 hours (one way) there and back for my treatments. So far for my first CIT + GF treatment, I have been totally fine driving back. For my upcoming other 2 CIT + GF treatments, I think I will be fine as well - the only difference being that I may get more funny looks on the subway
  10. Hi. For my daily regimen, I finish off with Cetaphil Oil Free moisturizer with SPF 15. I think that is enough for most daily activities such as going back and forth to work, to the grocery store, etc. However, I still love to do outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, ocean swimming and beach combing, etc. For those, I need a higher SPF sunscreen that is still noncomedogenic, non pore clogging since my skin is still acne-prone. Most of the common store brand sunscreens I've tried in the
  11. I am glad that you were able to find someone who is understanding and sticks by you knowing what your skin looks like. It gives me a sliver of hope that I may find a woman who can see beyond my acne scars....
  12. This seems like it would be hard to prove since there is a lot of plausible deniability on their part. Any form of job-related discrimination that isn't directly related to perhaps sex/race/gender orientation (and witnessed by someone else!) is likely going to be very hard to prove... I support that you are planning to take these actions. Things have to change! I have already tried to get disability due to my scarring and was denied. But I am sure that the people who have worse scarring tha
  13. Everything in this thread, from the OP to the replies, has resonated with me and really hit home... I have been in the "real working world" for about 8 years now post college. Only in the past 3-5 years have I started notice how other people react and treat me; my scarring got worse than it has ever been in the past 3 years mainly because I was depressed for about 2 years, bouncing between temp jobs, masturbating too much maybe?, and drinking 1-2 beers a night just to stay calm... Well thank
  14. I have half asian (half white skin) and I wish I realized or read sooner (like during junior year of high when I got and had the worst cystic acne of my entire life!) about how this skin type is especially prone to scarring and hyperpigmentation... Le sigh - can't change the past, but can get scar revision surgeries!
  15. Please disregard the alarm! The clinic just got back to me and said that I should not use an electric shaver for the next 2-3 days since the skin is still very sensitive. Ok if anyone asks, I will say I'm regrowing a beard lol
  16. Hi all. I got the collagen induction microneedling procedure done yesterday to most of my face and especially the cheekbones area on each side. However, I don't think the office is open today (many of the Dr's in the city I went to probably work in other offices or at hospitals too on certain days) and I am only getting the voicemail. I called another clinic in the area that offers many of the same services and unfortunately they weren't able to advise since they haven't seen me before the pro
  17. I have tried this process of apply for SSDI over the course of 1.5 years. My state (one of those in New England, USA), refused to acknowledge the "acne, scarring, and anxiety" is a serious enough disability to prevent me from holding "substantial work" - even if the work isn't in my field of study/past experience... The first time most people apply (for whatever disability they think they have), they will get denied because the state simply hopes you give up after that. Well, I appealed the i
  18. I got the procedure done yesterday. It was collagen induction therapy (microneedling) with a growth factor (GF) serum applied to the skin area to be needled. We had a good consult beforehand about expected results, pricing, procedures options, etc. The part that hurt the most was when the aesthetician did the initial test on my right temple... I did have a numbing cream that was applied for 30 mins and that took away probably 95% of the pain. The only other painful parts were some of the dep
  19. Bump.... Anyone know about this? I am going for the consult and likely getting the first procedure done tomorrow!
  20. Hi peeps. I have an appt this week with a surgeon in the Boston MA area for acne scar revision surgery. Specifically, the office offers CIT (microneedling) and mat offer the PRP as well. I think they also do subcision and laser techniques when needed as well. Anyway, my concern is about any potential downtime from the CIT which I will be most likely getting after the initial consult. Is there any and how much? The reason I am asking is because I am starting a new job on 2nd sh
  21. I can agree with most of what you are saying vatsboy. I am turning 30 this month and have been battling acne scarring for the past 5 years or so (my acne battle itself goes back to junior year of High School)... While no one has directly said anything to me to my face (or within earshot) about my acne scarring, people have taken actions that indicate disgust and fear... I mentioned this more in some of my other threads, but the main point is that I have noticed older women (aged ~3
  22. Eureka!! I have found it!!! The google search "acne scar treatment Boston MA area" did not yield the results I wanted!! All of the clinics and the one hospital I called and spoke only offered LASER treatments and NOT surgical techniques!! Then I realized I had to use different search terms.... Wellwhatdoyaknow! "Collagen Induction Therapy Boston MA area" yielded several plastic surgeons in the Boston MA and Worcester MA areas!! TTYL peeps, I have phone calls to make!
  23. Ok, so here's and update: I recently called another private clinic in the Boston, MA USA area inquiring about setting up a consultation for acne scar reduction... Well, they said that they only provide LASER services and NOT surgical techniques (subcision, needling, fillers, etc.). I then called a Boston area hospital and spoke with their dermatology department about my situation and setting up a consultation.... Guess what, they also only do LASERS!!! WHAT THE FVKC!!!! IS THERE
  24. I agree with a lot about what you said. It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out in the coming decades... I truly believe that society is moving backwards (i.e. regressing) rather than making progress.... Judging by how shallow my millennial generation and the younger people are these days when it comes to looks, it does seem like in several more years, people will be so brainwashed in that the majority will revert to their animal instincts and give in the carnal pleasures an