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  1. Yes, the Halo Effect. I read and post a lot on reddit and there are many threads and subs where this is discussed... That so much of life is affected by it is the strongest evidence that humans are just simply smarter animals... Animals have no other way of choosing mates other than looks... If everyone was really created "equal" in God's image, then why do humans place so much emphasis on what the outside looks like? If anything, my acne scarring getting worse in the past few years has ma
  2. I think you brought up a great point here. Scarring on the face can make it much tougher for someone to get jobs, even ones in STEM fields. Given 2 equally qualified candidates, in terms of education and experience, the hiring manager is subconsciously likely to choose the better looking person because that is who he/she wants to interact with all day. The struggles of facial scarring would likely not be as bad if they were only confined to the dating aspect of life. The fact that they impe
  3. What affected me the most (and still does to some extent) in the past 3-4 years was the reaction that some women had upon seeing me... I have already explained it in other threads but will summarize it here again. Before I had severe acne scarring, women did not have this reaction upon seeing my face. After my scarring got worse, about 50% of women will do either or both of these actions upon seeing my face: 1) pull their dress/blouse/shirt/suit jacket lapels closed so as to hide their brea
  4. It's been 8 years since my 2nd course of Accutane and I likely have forgotten some of the most important tips to make the process safe and least likely to generate bad side effects. Please let me know what I am missing from my list below and correct things as needed: Do not take a multi-vitamin that has vitamin A in it; but are other vitamins (zinc, D3, B5, etc ok to take while on Accutane?) Are there any foods that should be avoided while on Accutane? I think I recall that it me
  5. I think it might be because acne (outside of the teen years) is not that common... Even during the teen years, the people who have moderate to severe acne are far fewer in number than those with mild or occasional acne. It seems like people are scared of/disgusted by/make fun of traits or conditions people have that are different and not common among the majority of people they interact with daily.
  6. Link to article: http://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/mit-researchers-artificial-skin/ Even though most of the article mentions Cosmetic and Vanity reasons to use this, I think a more pressing application of this can be for Acne Scar patients!!! Yes, some people may want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines, under eye area, etc., BUT those in my opinion are all VAIN things - everybody ages and everybody gets older (unless you have the money to continually get plastic surgery....)...
  7. Even though severe adult acne and subsequent scarring has made me more empathetic in the past few years, that still only extends to certain conditions. I am empathetic for people with congenital or developed diseases, but not for people whose disease or condition is a result of their bad choices: i.e. lung cancer due mainly to smoking, liver problems due to drinking, etc. I, like many of you here I am sure, don't do those things, eat healthier than most people and yet we still have (or had) ad
  8. I have used accutane twice in the past when I had really bad cystic acne. The 1st time was Jr year of high school and then the 2nd course was Sr year of college. I'd say that after each course, the amount/type of acne that inevitably came back was milder and less in number - but it did come back... Before my first coure, I had acne on my upper chest, upper shoulders and some on my back; after that course, the acne never really came back on those areas. I took my 2nd course mainly because I wa
  9. I have not moved in a few years. I will try to make sure to dry that area of my face after showering, but I think it is still from some irritation from my glasses... I think I will try to wear contacts more often, especially if I notice any mark or pimple in that area that can develop into a larger and more inflamed version of itself.
  10. My face is usually ~90% clear these days from using the acne.org regimen. However, I still sometimes get a pimple where the temple of the eyeglasses touches the skin of my temples... I am assuming that it is because of some irritation and or pressure. Lately, one of these pimples on my left temple slightly increases in size (to maybe that of half a dime) and was swollen and red for a few days. I decided to wear contacts for a day or two to try to allow the pimple to subside faster. Are the
  11. I will pray, but I have my doubts that God actually intervenes in people's live in this life.... I do believe that every person who wants to believe and seek God is given a set of life circumstances (be they socioeconomic, ethnicity related, health conditions, etc.) that will lead them to finding God one day - but only if they truly want to. However, I don't believe that prayer can actually cure things like adult acne, cancer, and other health conditions.