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  1. My skin is super sensitive also. Besides acne it is always red or getting funny sort of rashes. I no longer use any of those harsh products that dry out the skin because they just irritate it more. I buy washes/creams that are natural, often find them in health food stores and also chemists. I like the brand A'kin. Also i sometimes moisturise with rosehip oil - it know it serms strange making my skin more oily but it helps the texture. None of these is a "cure" for acne but it makes my skin soft
  2. Milk has hormones in it from the mother cow to feed her baby, so perhaps you are deficient in some particular hormone and thats why it helped you ???? Thats the only explanation i can think of. I never drank much milk because it upset my stomach - possibly a bit lactose intolerent, but i used to eat yogurt, cheese etc. I never really noticed cutting dairy made any difference to my skin. It seems to be sugars that effect my skin the most. I'd still rather stay off dairy though because of the hor
  3. Well when i was on paleo diet i cooked alot in coconut oil and put olive oil on salads. Since i've started transitioning into this low fat diet i have cut out all oils.
  4. I have also been reading this research about how high carb low fat diets can actually improve our sensitivity to insulin- (particularly dr mcdougall). I used to eat the opposite - low carb paleo style. At first it helped my skin but gradually i have felt it having a negative effect on my health - low energy, digestive issues, headaches/spacey feeling whenever i eat even small amount of sugar like fruit. I have recently added back in grains and more carbs and lowered meat/fat intake. I want to fu
  5. Just had my period and it was really late. Also quite a few pms symptoms. Thinking i better go back on vitex. This is what i seem to have concluded about those hormonal supplements i've trying: Estroblock - does improve my pimples so i will keep taking the pro/high strength one even though it is soooo expensive. Vitex - dont think this effects my skin really but did make my period more regular and reduce pms.
  6. Hi. My acne is also worse those 2 weeks leading up to a period. I tried vitex for a while. I didnt feel it did much for my acne but did make my period more regular. Vitex is meant to stimulate our bodies to create more progesterone. I have found estroblock to be helping my skin. It contains a substance that comes from vegetables and helps the body detoxify "bad" estrogens. From what i've been reading if your skin is worse after ovulation/2 weeks before period that could indicate estrogen dominan
  7. The whole grains/paleo thing really has me confused. A few years ago i eliminated grains and most high sugar fruit as well - quite low carb - and my skin initially improved alot. However gradually my skin started worsening again and i experienced alot of fatigue, muscle aches, digestive issues etc... I kept thinking i wasnt doing the diet strict enough so cut down more on fruit. Then i wondered if i was eating too many nuts. Basically getting very anxious and upset. After reading some books i d
  8. Yes i know how you feel my acne also has gotten worse throughout my twenties even though i was eating "healthier." What is "healthy" though? Maybe you are eating too many fats for your body? I also noticed recently i was really eating alot of nuts and fats like avocado. I have cut back a little to see if it makes any difference. I also was very strict paleo for awhile but now eating some grains again. Maybe you need to experiment to find out what your body likes/needs. Don't presume someone else
  9. I think that its very natural for us to feel sad or depressed because of acne. I mean its great that some people don't seem to care and can still be happy but i dont think most of us are like that nor should feel the need to try to force a fake happiness on ourselves. Its like if someone you love dies it would be normal to feel miserable about it. Same with acne. It ruins our appearance and changes our life. That being said though, i think we need to find a way to still have some joy in our lif
  10. Hi sarahyhg, I also struggle with pimples mainly on my chin/around my mouth area. I'm also thin and dont have any other pcos symptoms. Do you find the pimples get worse/better any particular time? I find my skin starts to get worse 2 weeks leading up to my period. I read that this could indicate hormonal issues - specifically estrogen dominance. I have been trying a product called Estroblock which contains a natural substance found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage etc. Its suppo
  11. All girls are different and like different things in a guy. Personally acne on a guy wouldnt bother me at all - but i suppose thats because i have acne. Also, i like shy, some might say "nerdy" types. Other women go for muscular football types. You know what i mean !? People are all different, have different interests etc. and thats ok. If you are just trying to date girls that look like celebrities you might have a problem :) Maybe you need to talk to some "regular" girls. It might surpris
  12. Hi i also found i got a headache when i tried to increased my vitamin d. I currently take only 1000iu a day and also magnesium every second day. Magnesium helped the headaches. Apparently vitamin d uses up magnesium in the body - something like that anyway i forget the scientific explanation! So i think you should give magnesium a go and maybe also lower the dosage for now and increase more gradually. The vit d hasnt really helped my skin but it fixed these muscle aches i was getting in my leg
  13. Everyone is "alone" really. Others may be able to empathise or offer comfort but everyone goes through their own individual life journey and experiences things from their point of view. If you accept that you can stop seeing being "alone" as such a terrible thing. "We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone."
  14. Glad you discovered what is causing your acne I also avoid dairy but that alone does not fix my skin. Still i feel that the hormones in dairy could not be a good thing for us to be ingesting. If you get a "sweet craving" there are many other yummy foods you can have that dont have dairy or added sugar. Instead of chocolate you can use cacao powder (its a bit bitter without sugar though!) or carob which has a sweeter taste in baking. I mix a spoon of carob powder in almond milk to make "hot ch
  15. Hi i don't have much experience with this but i have read about alot of women experiencing acne either from taking birth control pill or coming off it. The birth control pill is going to mess with your hormones. Some women may not have side effects from this though many do including acne. Obviously its your choice but i would suggest not taking birth control. If you feel your hormones are out of balance there are natural products you could try - estroblock or DIM is supposed to remove excess e