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  1. not one single person here has a real problem. you all need to punch yourself in the face and do a reality check. you all have a home, a family, an internet connection, health. stop feeling sorry for yourselves this is a horrible forum, all people do is wallow in their self pitty
  2. you're getting married at 19? what the fuck?
  3. well i woke up today and the red marks had faded considerably in color, from bright red to a very pale red. this stuff fucking works miracles. still no acne on my body. fuck all that other bullshit of cutting out dairy, red meat, and wheat. putting benzyol peroxide and having to only wear white. fuck that. the cure for body acne is shampoo
  4. Age: 20 Sex: male School/College: none Acne status: mild on body Favorite thing about yourself: my wonderful charming personallity What would you change about yourself: i dont know Favorite movie: dazed and confused Favorite book: transworld snowboarding, on bullshit What would you most like to be (job frame of mind etc): superman Sports other interests: skating, snowboarding, frisbee golf, golf, beer Compare yourself to an animal: duck
  5. i think this stuff is working, ive been on it 3 days and i havent really had any new acne develop. i have about 3 pimples on my body now. but i have a lot of red marks. i dont really know what these are. they're not white/black heads, not cysts, not tender bumps, not bunps at all. just small flat marks. what are these? scars? remains of acne?