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  1. When I joined the site has nothing to do with my lifestyle choises, Ive heard from friends who use birth control to maintain healthy skin but its never crossed my mind. Im a 25 year old woman and I stand by that choise. Like I said earlier too, taking contraception requiers one to go to the doctor and get a prescription, I can't afford to go to a doctor right now.
  2. Thank you for this post! I got terrible red marks all over my face too. I know it's expensive but Im gonna purchase this too as my new regimen. Im thinking of taking capsules orally and also using it topically.
  3. Hi everyone! I appreciate all your replies. Im still taking the B5 and zinc. My skin has actually gotten worse. Ive heard birth control is great for curing acne but I've never used them and Im a little nervous about going on them because I personally don't like taking medication that alters my body/mood. However, I will leave an open mind. I agree that products can make the skin worse. Whenever I use moisturizers of ANY KIND my skin gets dramatically worse, inspite of people and experts sayin
  4. Im on Zinc now too, Im trying out B5 supplements 4 grams a day, with 30 micrograms of zinc. How many micrograms do you suggest taking? I also started taking 6000 IE vitamin-D.
  5. I went to the shop and purchased one bottle of 1000 mg tablets just 30 minutes ago, I cant wait for the results!
  6. It's been forever since I last posted here, must of been around 2006 or smth. Im having a crisis which is why I have returned (not that my acne was ever gone in between posting). My face and acne is driving me insane. First off, I have to say that I can't afford to see a dermatologist or even a doctor for a small thing like acne issues because if I do happen to pay for a doctor and reserve a visit, it has to be for a more serious cause. Everyone talks about nutrition, nutrition, nutrition.
  7. Hey guys. I have less problems with my redmarks and pimples nowadays but a big problem I have now is that my skin is really really sensitive to touching, and washing.. If I wash my face with warm water my face will get red like a tomato and if I touch it.. or yawn.. or move my face muscles by laughing I get really red around my mouth, the skin on my nose.. Does anyone else have this problem? I used to be a picker and the only places my skin turns red and irritated is where I once picked on it. W
  8. I know what you mean! Its definitely the air pollution around us..
  9. This is the Vitamin-E collection from BodyShop - Im using: VITAMIN-E NOURISHING NIGHT CREAM. It contains Shea-butter. This was the Tea Tree Oil I used to try.. (Blemish Fade Night Lotion)
  10. Do you live in a big city? I do.. I never noticed this before but whenever Ive been near heavy traffic.. Been on the metro and been surrounded by thousands of people... I come home and my face looks alright. But try this once, take a cotton pad and dip it in cold water (and squeeze out the excess water in the pad so its slightly moist) and then clean your face with it.. I do it everyday after Ive been outdoors near heavy traffic and when Im done cleaning my face with the pad - the pad is BROWN.
  11. Well shit you're hott ass hell on your avatar picture. I hope that helps!!
  12. Im uploading them to a different server, one moment...
  13. Hi guys. I used to be a terrible skinpicker but Ive decreased my skinpicking and made fantastic results. My most visible redmarks are finally gone. I tried everything... Lemon juice.. Aloe Vera juice.. Aloe Vera gel... Apple Cider Vinegar.. Tea Tree Oil... Honey... You name it. I dont know if it didnt work because I was so inpatient and tried everything at once or because it just wasnt the right thing for my skin. The inpatience and stress made me pick at my skin til it bled and left ugly redma