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it works. It just makes your skin glow. I can't say whether or not it will heal severe cystic acne, but when I was consistent with it, my skin was just beautiful. It accelerated healing and promoted cell turnover better than any AHA or BHA I've tried. Also gives you a natural tan. If you eat super clean and drink water like a fish, there is absolutely no odor. Topical urine therapy has also healed a number of eye infections I've had within hours.

By SkinDeeply,

Give it a chance!
I am very surprised there are so few reviews or even mentions on this site of organic rosehip oil for preventing acne scars. I would like to say it's because we are are (rightly) hesitant about using oils on our face, but the fact that everyone and their mother has jumped on the coconut oil cleansing method bandwagon at one time or another would suggest otherwise. I have never applied organic rosehip oil all over my face, and probably never would. But I do apply it to healing acne marks once the

By SkinDeeply,

A million times, yes. Make sure to take Magnesium and K2 along with it! It needs both to synthesize and absorb. I take 8-9,000mg daily.

By SkinDeeply,

Worlds better than BP
I use this as a spot treatment. I used it as a mask initially to clear me (sometimes for 15 minutes, sometimes overnight). You just have to splash water on afterwards to rinse off. I couldn't continue to use it as a mask after it cleared me though because it made my skin peel too much. Now, I either use it as a spot treatment (only for 15-20 minutes at a time) or add a 1/2 teaspoon to my bath.

By SkinDeeply,

three cheers for sulfur!
The only cleanser bar I'll use! Sulfur is magnificent. I was with this twice a day and then use my dry face brush afterwards. Healing but not drying.

By SkinDeeply,