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  1. plus Dairy. For me, dairy results in inflammatory or cystic acne. Whereas when I consume trans fats or wheat/gluten, my sebum production increases, and this generally lends itself to non-inflammatory breakouts like closed comedones and folliculitis because the yeast that triggers them is fed by sebum.
  2. I'm so glad to see this thread resurrected. I wish all of Listener's posts were. For me, it's trans fats/vegetable oils and wheat/gluten.
  3. 400mg is really the bare bones minimum. The best way to find the right dose of magnesium for you is to titrate up until you experience a loose stool. Then drop it 50-100mg below whatever that dosage was. A teaspoon of magnesium sulfate (epsom salt) dissolved in water (followed by plenty of pure water afterwards) is a great way to quickly and safely up your magnesium levels to get things moving. Also, be sure you are getting your supplement in either a citrate or glycinate form, because magnesium
  4. Hmm...Not sure why you posted this in the diet & holistic health forum. There is a separate board in the forums dedicated to discussions about Accutane. You'll likely have more luck with your question there.
  5. Die-off symptoms are different for everyone. The first time I had one I had flu-like symptoms for a day and then my skin cleared nicely.
  6. SkinDeeply


    I've been challenging myself for the last couple of months to replace my vitamin and mineral supplements with food sources only (including the proper food-combining). Here's an example of what I ate yesterday. The only supplements I took are the ones for gut health that I can't get enough of from food-sources and D3 (just to be safe), plus an epsom salt bath because magnesium is really hard to get through diet alone (and it helps me sleep)... Wake up: Warm water and fresh lemon juice; S.boulard
  7. SkinDeeply


  8. In a way. It will restore your amino acid levels to a place where altering your diet and lifestyle choices (in order to heal your skin) won't trigger a relapse, because that's the most important thing right now. Dr. Julia Ross (she saved my life): http://www.dietcure.com/aminoacids.html
  9. Much praise on your commitment to recovery and all the hard work you did to get this far. I am currently taking adjunct courses in Nutritional Psychology and have a particular interest in the connection between typical and atypical eating disorders and the gut/brain/skin axis, because yes, there does seem to be a strong correlation--especially in women. Have you ever heard of amino acid therapy?
  10. Agreed with Coce--pea protein is safe. Though it can make some people gassy. My favorite is Bob's Red Mill Chai Protein shakes. It's a vegan formula made with chia seeds and sweetened with monk fruit and it has added pre and probiotics. One bag lasts about two weeks. I like to add two heaping tablespoons along with cinnamon, 1/2 a teaspoon of instant coffee, and a dash of sea salt to a mug of hot almond milk in the morning. It's the perfect vegan or paleo friendly dupe for a Starbucks latte.
  11. I did not. I would also recommend starting off on some S. boulardii + MOS. Start off slow--5 billion a day for a week, and then moving up to 15-20 billion a day for a month. Two more supplements I would add to the mix would be N-acetyl Cysteine to support liver detoxification and stimulate glutathione production (to ease detox die-off symptoms), and a raw, food-sourced B-complex to support your adrenals by keeping your B-6 and methyl B-12 levels up--Garden of Life makes an excellent raw B-co
  12. SkinDeeply


    The way that the body responds to inflammation, which is the immune system's response to the introduction of certain antigens/materials (which may or may not be actually toxic, depending on how confused your immune system is) will largely depend on epigenetics. For some, this may be Hashimoto's, for others, certain kinds of cancer, or MS, or Celiac, or Arthritis, or Lupus. Additionally, there are many other inflammatory skin disorders and diseases other than acne, both in the form of cutaneous i
  13. Aw, you're so welcome, sweetie. It's for sure scary, I know . I actually never went on BC pills with the intent of clearing my skin. I was just on them for, well, birth control--mostly because my jerk ex-boyfriend complained about using condoms and said it ruined sex for him (ugh). I quit taking them before I read any studies about how damaging they were to my body as well--I just had an intuitive feeling that they were altering my hormones in a way that was scary and ultimately consequential
  14. Antibiotics are quickly becoming useless for H. Pylori and proton pump inhibitors (also most commonly prescribed by mainstream doctors) are completely backwards logic as they decrease stomach acid even further (which is what H. Pylori is already doing). I killed my infection 7 months ago and healed the resulting ulcers in about two weeks with three natural products: organic apple cider vinegar, mastic gum, and matula tea. I then used L-glutamine to rebuild my stomach lining and continued taki