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  1. Hi Guys I'm new to the forums and I'm seeking advice from peoples personal experience and knowledge to give me some advice and point me in the right direction hopefully!

    I've had acne since about 16 and its been so hard to keep minimal, I'm 20 now and a couple of months ago my GP put me onto Epiduo and Lymecline Capsules , it took about 2-3 months for it to really work, when my skin was at its best all scares had disappeared , there were no spots, blackheads/whiteheads you name it, I could not believe how good my skin had got(Those of you beginning using those 2 items, have patience , changes during the first month for myself were pretty minimal)

    Anyways About 2 months ago I went on holiday for 2 weeks and was advised not to use either items because of the hot weather and the benefits that itself would have for my skin, since coming back I have been on both products again and have experienced some awful breakouts , however aswell as 5-6 spots I have now also got incredibly oily skin , I have about 12-15 stubborn whiteheads on my nose and atleast 20 on the forehead and around the side of my face. I booked an appointment with a doctor a few weeks ago who prescribed me with Skinoren(Azeilac Acid) there hasnt been any noticable effects even minimal ones, I'm wondering from people if they ever experienced resitsance from either epioduo or lymecline?! What did you move onto next and how are you doing with that now? Has it worked for the better or not? Do you think I should keep using Skinoren , is it suitable for incredibly oily skin?

    Thank you!