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  1. i use the rapid clear collection from neutrogena. i have combo skin. is it good if a small pimple turns into a pus filled one the next morning. what shd i do w it just leave it?
  2. hi im 15 yr old w combo skin, can anyone help me and tell me if its ok ?? thank u! so i use the rapid clear foam scrub the orange one, and aftr tht i use the rapid clear stubborn acne cleanser, and I USED to just put on the rapid clear acne spot gel and i saw TERRIFIC RESULTS IN ONE WEEK but i recently got the rapid clear 2 in 1 toner and the grapefruit moisturizer.. so now i use those 2 before the gel but the thing is the first night i used it i only got 2 hrs of sleep and acne bec
  3. Hi im 15 yr with combo skin. I have some very noticeable pimples around my mouth, one on my upper lip line, one just next to my mouth, and other ones but they cure easily. i use the rapid clear salycylic acid spot gel along with the scrub,cleanser and toner. ive been doing this routine w grear results for about 1 1/2 week and this morning. last night the acne on my upper lip line was half blood dried up and half just normal pimple. and the one next to my mouth r clusters and they were f
  4. Hello, Ive been looking through these questions for about a week and I decided I needed help. I am 15 years old with combination skin, i dont take birth control, or any other prescriptions. I havent seen a dermatologist and please dont tell me i should because there arent any around where i live. My only goal this summer was to have clear skin before school. And i used korean acne products while i was in another country until this month. about a week an a half ago, i bought the neutrogena