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  1. I experienced the same thing with the capsules, cleansing me immediately after stopping and all. It's a definite possibility they actually work after about 5 months or so, but that's some hell to go through until then and it's far too steep a price to risk it, so I say just stick with the externals; and their cleanser, mosierizer, and glycolic acid are great. I remember even their acne gel treating my skin very well. I'd reccommend just doing B5 or antibiotics or whatever you need to do for inte
  2. Anyone else tried this? It seems like a good idea, and seems to help a lot, but a friend of mine tried the stuff once and said it had actually caused him to break out, and I fear it may be doing the same; though it's so hard to tell with all the odds against your face and everyone one of them a factor in its affliction. Anyone else that tried this stuff experience the same?
  3. water, pantothenic acid, emu oil, niacinamide, ester-C, expeller pressed organic golden jojoba oil, grapfruit seed extract, xanthan gum, citric acid, E, rosemary extract, natural fragrance, biotin Any of you know a damned thing about any of this stuff being applied topically that you wouldn't mind posting here?
  4. Has anyone else tried this stuff? I just got my first shipment today, and just tried a nice tall glass of the most vile shite I've ever tasted in recent years. What's bothering me though is that the shipment came from "IntelliFreedom", not "Acne Miracle", and neither the bottle of B5 or B5 gel had no design label, just a plain white label with some info printed on it. And this is supposed to be so much better than VitaCure...yet Vitacure had a designed label on the bottle. If Acne Miracle or Int
  5. Do yourself a favor, and go look at my personal regimen log in that forum, and read what I posted about my experience with Derma Cleanse. And can you offer some details about the B5--e.g., dosage, brand used, duration of stomach problemas and use, whether you ate before or after? Relevent details, and the stuff might work if you get around the obstacles. Don't have too high expectations with the DC though. Friendly advice.
  6. It's crap. I'm on my fourth month, after three months of NOW, with bare minimal results. And the reason is ironic: VitaCure uses the same dogshit product in NOW vitamins, which are not manufactured for megadosing.
  7. Um, I think there's been quite a bit more research done since then, namely regarding actual results. I don't know, but this shit's cheaper, safer and far less of a pain in the ass than Accbane or any of that other stuff.
  8. Oh and the oatmeal mask I leave on for 20-30 minutes. And I also drink at least 6 glasses of water a day with about a teaspoon of lemon juice each.
  9. Something strange I noticed with this stuff, is that I stopped taking it three times (interruptions during treatment) and each day after I'd stop, my face would clear up completely, and all active acne, cystic included, would immediately begin to dry up--without my skin drying up on me. It never cured me in any way, but either it did permanently lessen my breakouts, or it's the B5 I've been taking. I don't know, wish I could be of more help. Good luck. Oh and be sure to keep them on their toes