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  1. Hi @orangedog, what treatment did you get? @beautifulambition and @orangedog, I might write to Dr Lim's clinic and get a quote, and then figure out logistics if it comes to that. But from what I understand, Medicare rules have changed, and only keloid scars gets rebates now, and those would have to be photographed and documented, so there's no way around it. @beautifulambition, thanks for your concern, hope you understand that I created the strategy by myself. Sorry if there was any miscommun
  2. thanks, @beautifulambition, for taking the time to advise! The doctor will be doing the subcision, and have her nurse do the Picocare 450 (not Picosure) treatment. According to the nurse, they have been trained to do it perpendicularly, not at an angle, and at high power, there will be scabbing and a long downtime of five days (same as the Fraxis fractionated CO2 laser). Davin Lim is in the same country, but I can’t afford to travel to him, plus his rates. I’ve tried subcising my
  3. @beautifulambition I have checked that my doctor (new one, as I moved interstate recently) (or perhaps her nurse), will be using Picocare 450. One of my thoughts has been that I have to use CO2, as you suggested (she suggested fractionated CO2), however reading about the side-effects of both CO2 and fractionated CO2, and recalling how my skin reacted badly to TCA where others' didn't, I think slow and steady is the way to go for me. If 1 CO2 laser treatment is equivalent to 2 Pico laser trea
  4. Hi, @beautifulambition, I managed to find a doctor who has access to several devices and makes me feel comfortable. Her recommended plan for me is: - Fractionated CO2 laser, and/or - Pico laser with subcision, and to followed by filler after these are done. I saw her patients' photos - great success with CO2 laser, but I read of side-effects online, and also found that Davin Lim etc use Picolaser. I will go ahead with Picosure laser and subcision for now until I feel more confident. Thanks!
  5. @ChildhoodDreams I’m not trying to stop the natural ageing process. My skin, already scarred, is exacerbated with wrinkles, and I look much older than my age. Also my enlarged pores, scars and wrinkles are in some places joining up, and I find that scary. @Candy Says Well, if their treatments are effective. @okmichelle Thank you for empathising. I’m in my late 30s. I’ve got fillers for my cheeks and lips, which is why they don’t look half as bad – at one point, I had wrinkles around m
  6. @beautifulambition, thanks for your quick response. It was very late in Australia by then, so I could only reply now. I've embarked on a search for cannula subcision in Melbourne. Regarding your suggestions, here's my responses for what it's worth: Sculptra, CO2 laser - Will look into it Spot peels - Too scarred (metaphorically and literally) by the TCA experience to want to consider it at this point. Erbium - Worried about side-effects and downtime. Will consider the fractional lasers as a
  7. For the first time in my life, I feel slightly more financially stable, and want to do more for my scars. My bucketlist wish is to die with somewhat smooth skin, like the 'afters' in the gallery here. Possible? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pls see pics below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2016: Did TCA peel using MUAC. I had a 12.5%, which I layered two or thre
  8. @Dan34 - I tried suction for a month before the contraption spoilt, couldn't see much of an improvement. An IPL+RF treatment 'removed' the hyperpigmentation and my face was amazingly even-toned--for a grand total of 2 days. A doc once tried subcision in between dermarolling, but it was expensive and I never went back. That was when I started dermarolling. Did you see results from other methods? @Robertitoo - I have scarring everywhere - entire both cheeks (not side of face, but some weird cy
  9. I don't have to circle it eh (see end of post). It's right there screaming for attention. " I'm willing to be that the reason it sunk was because you poked it. " - I've poked similar-sized cysts before, and they healed well. I started poking only in the past year. All my old scars were from ..I don't know, maybe Retin A, squeezing, Roaccutane. " give it a couple of days it's probably traumatized by the poking. " - I hope so. It looks like it's done 'healing'.. I'm so sad. It's so tough
  10. I did a TCA peel 12.5% (applied one layer, removed after 5 mins) on my face 3 days ago, including on one cyst that had been there for 2-3 weeks. Don't do it. (To rant: The cyst came to a head right after the peel, and I pricked it with a needle, happily bleeding it. Usually this allows healing and I wouldn't be left with a scar. But a day later, I noticed there was a 2mm-deep hole where the pus was. It has very neat and clean edges, and looks like it has stopped healing. Usually the wounds ta
  11. I'm 34 and left with horrible scars after acne into adulthood. Even just this year, I've had a few more new scars. I'm about to marry my boyfriend of two years, who is also 10 years younger than me. This has brought immense pressure upon me as previously I managed to will myself into self-denial and managed to close one eye to my scars. Also, I've never had a boyfriend for long and never really felt the pressure to look good. As the wedding day draws closer, I am slipping into depression. 1. I