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  1. Here's my skin stretched. you can see how the pink spots stand out against my asian skin tone. I know I need subscision and $$$$$ worth of treatment. But the redness Is the issue I'm talking about here. You think vbeam would get rid of the pink spots?
  2. car windows are like mirrors, so yeah, that's how other people see you when you're standing in the sun.
  3. Went on accutane when I was 18, and 2 decades later, the rolling scars on my cheeks are still redder than the surrounding skin. If I pinch the red scars between my nails, the normal skin color fills it up the spot temporarily. So it must be that the skin is too thin. What can I do to restore normal skin color for these scars?
  4. to those who say you're not gonna be under harsh light, not true. I always catch my own reflection outdoors in car windows, and the sunlight makes my face look gnarly !! The scars stand out.
  5. no one said it treats acne. it reduces the swelling and redness that comes with it. obviously, if you don't have pimples in the area, don't apply the steroids in that area.
  6. if you see any of those side effects, of course stop, and all will be reversed. skin will start to divide again, etc I use hydrocortisone for the long term for eczema. longer than 7 days. I use it for months. and I do not see skin thinning, or Cushing's syndrome, or any of that crap. fact is, 1% hydrocortisone has minimal absorption, and with the little spot treatments you do, the dosage is not enough to cause side effects. skin atrophy also rarely occurs with this weak hydrocortisone. a drug
  7. let the BP kill the bacteria, and hydrocortisone kill the swelling and redness. of course, don't use if you experience side effects...... generic hydrocortisone at Walmart is fine, and works the same as 2x more expensive cortaid and cortisone.
  8. relax. hydrocortisone 1% is the weakest or 2nd weakest corticosteroid you can get. it won't have systemic effects like ORAL prednisone does ease off on the scare. it's ok to use a weak corticosteroid like this on skin to reduce pimple inflammation. a dermatologist has gone through shitloads of training. you think he knows less than you do?
  9. what this forum is lacking is photos of your scars. My request to you: I would like to know what your scars look like 6-9 months after your last fraxel. In your scar photo, please post before and after, under the same lighting conditions, with camera flash turned off. (e.g in front of desk lamp, head tilted down, so that we can see how deep your scars are) All the pictures I found on google are misleading, and show "after" pics that are 1 week old, when the face is still swollen.
  10. i just started the piss treatment yesterday man, what a placebo effect! i THINK my face looks better maybe its all in my mind. i got a nice jar of golden liquid here. smells like beeeer! for real
  11. awwww some of you are too optimistic give in already, & face reality i've already locked in my lifetime supply of Dan's BP at $4 a pop.
  12. I am forming the 80+year old club.... because I know I'll be old and wrinkled, and STILL have a pimply face. can you imagine that? who do you know over 70 that still has acne? who else wants to join?
  13. i have some bumps too. and this is what i just squeezed out of one... a boogee!!!!! looks sexy huh
  14. a safer solution would be to bring some tissue with you and just wipe off the shine.
  15. this isn't gonna work. not enough people not enough money resulting in not enough interest. docs are just gonna keep using the existing methods for dealing with scars. but i'd be happy to accept several thousands of dollars to do my own research on my own face. I'd experiment on my own scars and i have plenty.
  16. i pop my zits with a needle, and then apply a tiny amount of strong steroid cream (clobetasol- actually one of the strongest) while the healing takes place. it heals nicely, unlike my other old scars. Here's a pic of my most recent healed zits. there's one small crater left by a zit a few months ago, when I didn't use steroid cream. the newly healed one is just a light red mark. no craters or anything. there's also another recent one on the very right side of the pic. it was a huge nodule, an
  17. makes you just wish for makeup to cover up. huh....... as a guy, i need some cover-up that matches my skin color and is unnoticeable. I once went to a photography studio, and they painted my whole face cuz they couldn't find a matching shade to cover my marks. they guys on TV have a shitload of makeup on i think....
  18. the weak TCA was ok as a peel. TCA cross is a whole different thing. But it's more expensive. so i don't want to get ripped off. All i know is not to buy ebay crap. But who knows what's legit or not...
  19. oh come on. someone must know something. no one uses TCA cross anymore?
  20. yeah. same here. i get scars more so if i leave them alone, than when i intervene. my skin is fucked up like that. i have popped big ones below the surface without scarring lately, but i attribute that to the steroid cream i put on it afterwards. it takes some trial and error to locate the exact pore location, then you stick the needle deep down the pore, and slowly massage out whatever gunk is inside. i got a crater on my temple a couple months ago cuz i didn't use the steroids. pisses me of
  21. It's been years since i've bought TCA. and last time it was just a weak 12.5% where do you buy the good stronger stuff? I've read about complaints that some people sell fake buffered shit. I want to avoid that. mytcapeel.com = legit??
  22. i am cheering for you. ... it saddens me to see those blemishes all over your face. get that gorgeous face back!!!
  23. you guys are drinking it?? that's pretty acidic for straight up consumption. you guys are not worried about dental erosion?
  24. might be eczema. did your derm mention this? what is the texture of the spot? is it raised, or flush with the skin?