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  1. Will body scrubs do anything for butt pimples? I've been reading that butt pimples may be due to folliculitis and thus aren't treatable the same way as body acne, but would the exfoliants in body scrubs still help to minimize the scarring or darkening?
  2. Are sunscreens usually non-comedogenic? That is, if the bottle doesn't specify, is it safe to assume that it is or isn't?
  3. Someone told me that the glue in pore strips will clog your pores. Sounds counterintuitive, I know. I guess she was saying that after they lift out the gunk, the residual glue settles back into the pore. Is there any truth to this?
  4. Are you sure about the moisturizing effects? I thought the purpose of toner was to dissolve oil. It's mostly alcohol, which makes me believe that it's likely to dry out your skin.
  5. I think this stuff is relatively old, and it certainly isn't fanciest stuff on the market right now. It's pretty much the facial soap I've been using the past few years. My face has cleared up significantly and I don't often have any major breakouts. However, this could be also be due more to the fact that I'm older now and generally take better care of myself. I should also the mention the main reason why I used so much of this stuff is because someone gave me several bottles and it was the
  6. I'd like to start using an exfoliating body scrub. Basically, how do I begin? Is there anything I might need to know before I start? Any tips/pointers? Do I need a sponge, brush, puff, or scrubby gloves? Other recommendations? Thanks in advance for the advice!
  7. Maybe read this before you decide to completely stop bathing and brushing your teeth altogether.
  8. Is OTC hydroquinone (2%) carcinogenic/toxic? I read that hydroquinone is banned in several countries because of cancer fears. How credible are these beliefs?
  9. Has this topic been brought up yet? If so, please redirect me. If not: Most of the topics I noticed here seem to deal with with PIH on the face, but what are some products and practices recommended for clearing up spots on the body (if they differ from the face)? Body spots seem to sometimes take a very long to go away, despite having absolutely no exposure to the sun.
  10. Do you know of any ways to speed up the fading? I'm new here btw, what's this condition (of having darkened skin from old pimples) called? (edit: I just found the sticky for PIH. I hate being new to message boards. My first question still stands though.)