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  1. Oops...I didn't know. It's just a 10% salicylic + 5% lactic acid. It's not meant to be a peel, so wasn't sure if it's ok to use more frequently. Thanks anyway.
  2. I just picked up the acne stop from that store. Is it safe to use nightly on my problem areas(nose forehead) or should I limit to every other day? This is what I'm using: morning: copper peptide evening: cleanser, wait 30 min, acne stop, wait 30 min, retin-a(.05)
  3. decided to give it a try and wondered if it's bad to apply near the eyes
  4. i tried retin-a, differin, all that stuff at the time and they did nothing to stop the blackheads which has gotten me to where i'm at today. i've actually tried that mandelic acid. seems to work, but gives my nose this awful texture...maybe too dry. hmm...i guess i noticed the scarring started in the late 20s. it kind of sneaks up on you
  5. i'm 35. yeah, ooooold haha. i never had a problem with this mess until my mid twenties....ugh. to me, they look a lot worse compared to that pic. trust me. can they be filled in...removed....anything??
  6. I've had hooooorrible blackheads on my nose leaving these icepick(?) scars. i tried looking around here for treatments, but i'm lost. looks like i have a lot of big, open pores and these scars. can anything be done?? sorry, this was the best pic i could come up with
  7. i've been using mine for almost a week, two times a day. it has really started to reduce my blackheads when nothing else has EVER worked.
  8. it's got some kind of seaweed in it. i'm pretty sure that's what i'm smelling
  9. i just got a sample of the 10% gow version. it smells like.....pee haha
  10. thanks, i'll check those out. i have some fine lines and dark areas next to my nose so maybe that will help. i was just mainly wanting something with an spf
  11. i've been using cetaphil for the face and need something for the eyes with an spf in it. the cheaper the better, of course! thanks