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  1. Hi, just wondering if this shower gel by Modere is a good enough fit for the body regimen. It was recommended by a bio-resonance therapist who believed that it is really effective at clearing body breakouts. I'm not sure if I completely believe that, however Modere describes this product as being gentle and good for dry skin. So I was I thinking it could be a good cleanser for the regimen? https://www.modere.com.au/productdetail/shower-gel
  2. Thanks for posting, was both reassuring and inspiring Also, just a curious question: did the spa "treatments" improve your skin or make things worse?
  3. Using tropical products along with Epiduo can cause irritation, thus using a gentle cleanser beforehand is highly recommended. Perhaps you have already have been doing this, but that is all I can think of. Irritation and burning are also common side effects of Epiduo, so maybe you try a different method?
  4. Yeah I think those are scars also. Research Follicular Macular Atrophy, which is a type of scarring that appear commonly on the chest and back from acne. I don't have any on my back, but my chest and arms have quite a few of them from previous zits.
  5. Hi, my chest has been breaking quite badly lately. I am currently trying supplements to help, but in the mean time - a few pimples that I received 3 months ago have not faded and are still raised. Although they have shrunk, they look like they are about to scar. They will eventually loose color and remain. - I did not pop or even touch . My chest already has about 15 white bumps from previous breakouts over the years (I used to enjoy popping in my teens) and I really feel I could do without an
  6. Just to clarify, I wasn't saying you needed to hide your skin because I'm sure your acne would have not made a difference in regards how your friends treat/view you (A saying most of us have been told).
  7. So 2 months ago I posted this http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/352179-painfulirritating-arm-pimples/ Since then I have diagnosed with Acne Dysmorphia by my psychologist hence sounding very dramatic in that post haha. Everyone tells me that my body acne is fine and should not effect me in any way unless I let it. However I constantly feel like I have no idea what I'm doing in regards to treatments and washing in which I have changed my routine MANY times over 2 years. If I start feeling
  8. I have recently learned that lots of people eventually find great relationships once they get into a state of mind that goes "love would be nice, but meh". Mental health, self-esteem and other personal problems should come way before the quest of finding love. It is much more important to love yourself.
  9. Halloween is actually a great opportunity to use all kind of things on your face that will cover acne and scars such as fake blood, face paint, crazy makeup, glitter etc I decided to go as a shirtless vampire last Halloween and it has been the only occasion in 3 years where I have been shirtless around people. I hope that helps you attend this party, isolation is one the worst things to experience while also experiencing personal problems. Perhaps you can open up to your old friends at the part
  10. Thanks I will invest into that. However I kinda need sunscreen asap so I picked up a "Cancer Council sensitive" bottle. In reference to my legs and arms, do I apply sunscreen after cleansing in the shower? or does it not matter if I shower when get home. Also, does sunscreen need to be removed at the end of the day?
  11. I live in sunny Australia and the heat is just about to work it's way up. My body is prone to acne and I was wondering if anyone knows which suncare products are best for the skin. I've heard that sunscreen can be useful in fading hyperpigmentation marks and obviously I require a non-comedogenic one. Is there a brand anyone can recommend me?
  12. I really need to give this a go. Do you think this would work on other parts of the body as well?
  13. My backne has improved over the past month through not scrubbing with soap and lot leaning my back against hard surfaces (I used to lean up against the wall behind my mattress everyday). But I really don't think you are that bad, yes you have acne but I don't think its a disgusting sight