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  1. Thank You Everyone! I appreciate all the replies and I am gonna go check out some of the products you reccommended :]
  2. Alright. The englarged pores arent a huge deal. I always had clear skin up to the point where I developed an eating disorder & lost my period and I ended up breaking out with acne all over my face and neck. Severe acne and blackheads. Whatever there is you can get on the face lemme tell you, I HAD EM!! Anyways ... I decided to go on the birth control (tri cyclen regular) to regulate my period because when I started getting treatment for my eating disorder, I started eating more food and do
  3. Okay ... I lost my period for about 8 months and got it back about 6 months ago. However ... when I lost my period, all my acne stopped and I didnt get one pimple. When My period came BACK ... I broke out like crazy along my temples, jawline and chin. Even a tad on my forehead. My face got very oily and it was a nightmare. I started ortho tri cyclen 4 months ago and about a month ago my acne dissapeared and I havent gotten one pimple for about a month. Is this hormonal acne??? Cause its so c
  4. After about 4 months on the birth control pill my acne finally cleared up. Havent had any breakouts for about a month or so now and everything is great except I have some red marks left, What can I do to make these go away??? Thanks
  5. Ok. One by one my clogged pores are turning into red lumps(pimples) then eventually need to be popped However ... What will prevent clogged pores? Sometimes I touch my face during my workouts And sometimes my hair touches my face during my workout And sometimes I sleep on my face Is this causing clogged pores?
  6. Hey Thanx Everyone! And Brandy I live in Oshawa Ontario Canada. Right now I have Cetaphil mositurizing lotion. Is that ok for the moisturizer? And all I have to pick up is the BP and Cleanser? The cleanser I have now is by clean and clear and one of the ingredients is Tricolsn or something like that.
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering where I can find Dans Regimen. Now I know theres forums on it but it doesnt say what products to use and when ... Can someone help me out:( Okay I found this ... Will I need to buy these products for the Dan Regimen??? Gentle Cleansing + Plenty of 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide + Adequate Moisturization = Acne-Free Skin Buy 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel or cream Lac Hydrin Five (mild) or Neutrogena Healthy Skin with AHA (pretty intense) if you'd like jojoba oil to your palm along
  8. Aw thank you:) But right now I have these 3 pimples on my temples and they kill lol ...
  9. Hey thanks guys:) Do u just mix the apple cider vinegar with the cleanser? Do u have any reccomendations? mcswis - Thank you:) Do u know of ne good scrubs? I have to admit, I use the Proactiv cleanser on occasion. The bead things are pretty tiny, so it doesn't feel like I'm sanding my skin off. And I only use a little bit. I think that Acne Free stuff is supposed to be similar to Proactiv, but I haven't tried it. Oh, I just thought of something else--some people here use a super
  10. Hey thanks guys:) Do u just mix the apple cider vinegar with the cleanser? Do u have any reccomendations? mcswis - Thank you:) Do u know of ne good scrubs?
  11. Googz - Aw, Thanks:) But you should see my pores lol ... They are clogged ... like ... they are little bumps but not noticable but you can feel them which sucks. And you can notice it in the "flexing" pic a lot. Huge pores, Ugh lol iLlievee - Thank You:) And I notice that too ... when I wash my face its not oily until like an hour later. What causes the skin to produce oil? I also notice before my period I get extra oily skin, I could practically fry an egg on my forehead. But im on ortho tri c