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  1. Hey all, I am a long time member on Acne.org. I wrote a post only a few months ago back in September of how I found the diet-acne connection really worked for me and that my skin cleared up with an occasional pimple here and there. Well in October I had a bad breakout with 2 huge pimples one which took 2 months to go away! I was still following the diet but obviously it was not the answer so I guess I was wrong. I picked up the work of Dr. John Sarno called "Healing Back Pain" because I wa
  2. Hi there, I have been a member for a long time. I took Accutane in 2007 which helped my acne significantly but I keep with the regimen to maintain my skin b/c I still break out. I had a bad breakout in May 2015 so I needed to find other treatments. Eventually I read more about the dairy/grain and acne connection so we decided to try that out. I also saw Dan's advice about leaving the BP gel on for 15 minutes to let it absorb and I never did that I only waited maybe 5 which helped b/c initi
  3. Hey yeah I hear ya you have to try any product in small amounts to check for adverse reactions. I used this one sparingly at first too. I have been using it for a few weeks now and overall my skin is fine, it does not feel as dry and tight the next day like it did with Dan's new moisturizer so I am going to stick with this one and I am not breaking out much either Good luck
  4. Hey Brandy, Yeah I think it is a new one I have not tried their original formula. Overall this one does work really well but it might feel greasy to some people. I just use it at night time and it works great especially during this winter time.
  5. Hey all, I had to stop using the acne.org moisturizer b/c it was not working well for me anymore with the new formula. I did some research and I have been using Cetaphil Daily advanced Ultra Hydrating Lotion 16oz and overall my skin is a lot better. It can be a bit greasy and I think that is Cetaphil in general but try it out and see if you like it. I got mine from CVS and they are good about returning items if you have to. Hope it works well for you and they also sell it on Amazon.com too
  6. Believe me I am grateful for everything Dan has done for people with acne. His products have helped my skin out a lot and are better then anything I have used for the most part. I like the old moisturizer though and it was working well for me. It seems many people have said the same thing that this one still leaves the skin dry. The problem is Dan mostly bases his products on how his skin feels and whatever group of testers he has but this should not be inclusive of everyone out there. Like
  7. Hey everyone, So I went to see a psychiatrist through the mental health services at my school and he was actually really good to talk to. I had a whole hr to talk and it felt good just to talk about what has happened in my life even though an hour is still not enough haha. He had some good points to make about how I think and perceive things and he recommended more long term psychotherapy for me to help me try and conquer all these issues and I am highly considering it b/c i'm like well if it
  8. used to have faith and was a good christian and believed in god, not anymore. there is no way this all loving "god" that we learned about would ever put me through what i have to go through each and every day. not even satan would do this to me. even in the beggening when nothing else worked i would pray every night for him just to please help me. nothing ever changed. it only gets worse as the days pass. god has abandoned me. I was in the same boat as you years ago. I would pray every mor
  9. Hey Misery, I can totally understand where you are coming from. I am not sure what I would have done back in the day b/c I have been much better now for yrs but I know my faith is what helped me survive back then and it still does now a days. I am a Christian and I believe my faith really saved me from making some terrible decisions back then so all I can do is speak from my experience. It helped me realize that this whole ordeal is one big test that I have to endure but it does not mean I h
  10. Hey Jay I agree with ya. I have never been able to talk to anyone about it and the only thing I am able to do so far is pray at least which is really helpful. My appt is scheduled for tomorrow since i have mental health services at my school. My hope is that I can get help with having a more positive attitude and learn proven techniques to help me stick with it. I will let you guys know how it goes.
  11. Thanks guys for your perspectives....yes my teacher is also a psychologist and he said CBT too and that the behavior I am feeling might be "intrusive thoughts" but I am hopeful to really work at changing my perspectives for a lot of things to definitely be more positive...I think my faith has helped me out tremendously but I could use some Professional help too. Good luck!
  12. Hey everyone, Just wanted to see if anyone has ever seen a mental health counselor/psychologist etc to help deal with the emotional difficulties? My skin has been much better for a while now but I feel that from my experience of enduring acne and other things in my life that it really flipped my outlook on things to having low self esteem to being more anxious and worried about events that you should not get worried about. I think I am going to try to get professional help to see if I can bre
  13. Hey bro great to hear things worked out for you. Looks like it's been a while haha but yeah...I still have some of the effects of accutane like dry lips and sometimes when I get a health scare I look to accutane as a cause but overall i am very happy with the results considering where i used to be...take care and enjoy!!

  14. lol. haven't been on the forums forever. just wanted to let you know my accutane journey went really well. thanks for answering all those questions I used to have man.

  15. Hey there, So I am in the health care field of physical therapy as a student and health and wellness is a big part of what I do. What I have seen and learned in a lot of my classes is how stress and the mind can play a big part in disease development and chronic health problems. I have been an acne sufferer for over 14 years and severe acne for the last 10 yrs or so. Recently I have been having high blood pressure and I am only 26. To keep this short, there might be other factors involved b