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  1. Well i'm getting married in March and i don't feel like wearing a dress due to the fact that i have pink and brown marks on my back and chest...i don't know what to do i feel really depressed any ideas or solutions? thanks.
  2. Im 19 years old and i have back acne since i was 12 but recently i been getting mild acne on my chest,so i can't wear any tank tops at all!I've been to the dermatologist and she prescribe me Differin Gel and Brevoxyln-8 Gel.I've been using Differin for 3 weeks and i've seen my back acne getting worse and my chest getting a bit better but i still get acne there.I don't know what else to try i mean i've tried all the prescriptions my Dermatologist has given me and nothing has worked.And on top of