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  1. Heck I wish I had some of the texture you guys have. Mine is way beyond worse than orange peel, it actually looks like deep pitted acne scars. I may need some lasers to fix it. If I were y’all, I would stay away from retinol, accutane, and exfoliation. Look into getting a prescription barrier emulsion cream from your derm. Like epiceram or Ceramax. It’s expensive like $400 but you can get a coupon and it would be like $70. As for me, I may need to get some more lasers for my pitted scars. I got
  2. I wish my damage looked like your damage. My damage looks like acne scars
  3. You guys I’m about to do something crazy that no one in here would even think about in a million years... IM GETTING BACK ON RETINOL. Actually I’ve gotten back on for a few days now. I will report back on a month to tell you the results. I have nothing to lose. I guarantee you my skin is the worst out of everyone here. You think OP’s skin is bad? Mine is at least 3 times worse. Of course this isn’t a contest and we are thing to heal together. So I’m gonna do the unthinkable and get back on retin
  4. So which of those two creams do you think has helped the most?
  5. I’ve probably done more research and spent more money on this topic than anyone else. The last few months I’ve been making a lot of breakthroughs, but I’ve been over doing it. I’m still confident I will fully heal. What retinol damage does to us, is it injuries the skin at the cellular level, specifically mitochondria damage. You can actually google mitochondria retinol damage. I believe antioxidants like alpha lipoic acid, and niacinamide, and resveratrol can help. Also no more harsh ingredient
  6. Don't use retinol.. it will make your skin worse. Stay away from exfoliant all together. And to rebuild skin barrier I highly suggest cherryl lee MD. I bought the moisturizer and cream. They both have ceramides and lipids and niacanimide and working wonderfully. Whatever you do stay away from retinol I promise you.
  7. Is it possible to roll to aggressively even if you wait the proper times between rolls?