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  1. Firstly, dear, no-one is stating that noone should express their opinion. The point I am trying to make is in reference to specific comments about being mislead and offering my opinion about what should be done if complications arise. As a general question I ask/suggest that anyone if they experience complications that they see the Dr immediately and directly as generally something can be done in the early stages You raise a point about 1 side of the story, and I couldn't agree more with you o
  2. This is an interesting thread. It has been such a long time since I have visited this site. In relation to my own experience, I would like to add the following: Is Dr Y worth it? In my case 100% absolutely. I saw over 10 doctors before Dr Y and spent thousands (>10k) and NOT ONE of them did anything near what he did for me. Actually all of them combined didn't even come close to what he did for me - not even close. He was outstanding for me. My my whole life has changed since the 2 derms
  3. Hi Mate, I had two derms with Dr Y about two years ago. I live in Australia and go to the Beach at lease twice a week and Tan well - just as well as I did before the derm. After six months after the second I went back out in the sun beach and tanned again the same as before I dont comment on others, nor try an influence you one way or another, but offer you my opinion. Also I would rather not get into slanging matches with other posters. What I can tell you is that I had exceptional resul
  4. Good for you RavenBlack Very pleased to hear it
  5. Hi, I also understand that Dr. Mei-Heng Tan in Sydney Central does this. From all accounts she is a very nice lady http://www.skinsavvy.com.au/ I saw Dr Richards about 3 years ago and he mentioned it to me then and said that Silicone would be very effective, but would not released for another year so I am please to hear he is offerring this procedure now
  6. I found him to be brilliant, and I am medium to Olive skin. As this is an internet board and people don’t really know anybody else, how can you be sure what people post on here is the truth, how do you know how well they took care of themselves after the procedure, how do you know what current emotional state they are in, what expectations they had when they undertook the procedure - there are always two sides to every story. In consideration of the above here are pure facts for your consi
  7. Hi Marv, I had 2 dermabrasions with Dr Y and have olive skin with very good improvement. I had no hypopigmentation or color change problems. It does take six months to a year for your full pigmentation to return to normal. I go to the beach every Sunday here in Australia and while my face is a bit more sensitive to the sun than it used to be I still tan lightly. I respectfully disagree with Dan - I had two fillers Acquamid and Bioplastique and Acquamid gave no improvement and Bioplastique g
  8. Hi Queenie! I hope your doing well. From my own experience i did not venture out in the sun for 9 months and as a result my skin was pale and even a little pasty despite the excellent improvement in the scarring. I found though that once I started going back out in the sun, a little at first and gradually increased the time my color came back and returned to normal. I think we can all maybe overdo it relation to sun avoidance. While it is essential to avoid in the first six months, the sun
  9. Hi Jenny, I have a similar problem in relation to over injected permanent fillers. Unforuntely the derm won't do much for it, in my experience. Dr Y tried injecting Cortisone into twice before each derm and it helped a little. My local derm has suggested I ask Doctor Y to Punch excise in these two small areas. I have to head back for work early next year so I will ask him if he can try this. I cannt wait to see him again!
  10. Hi Butterflies, Sorry to correct you but Dr Y does not do subcisions - I have spoken to him about this many times previously - he knows very little about this procedure. He does Dermabrasion and punch floats and occassional excisions - but as he says "you cannot cut out a scar without leaving one". I have spoken to him about the "capshaw" poster and he does not even know who that person is nor is he familiar with the procedures that person had. The good news is is that he will be back in act
  11. I agree with Ravenblack - I had Acqumid and it didn't do much. APro I think you have had good improvement - congratulations - Dr Y is a great doctor. Thankyou for posting the pictures. I may post some myself one of these days!
  12. Hi Everyone, As some of you may know I have been in touch with Dr Yarborough since the hurricane hit NOLA. I spoke to him today and I can confirm that he is looking at treating patients again in January 2006 though his New Orleans Office. Pat will be in the office from mid December so appointments can be made from then. I reiterate that he has not been back to the office as yet but mid December is the date the office is likely to reopen. And Cassandra will be back also! Anyone who calls th
  13. This thread is deplorable. A good man has lost his house, his entire lifes memories in a hurricane, and now posts on here by people who have no idea. I can assure you that money is not his motive - why don't some of you ask his nurse who has worked for him for 26 what she thinks about him or the lady Pat who works there who says she feels sometimes she should be paying him as he is so nice to work for. This thread is pathetic. I cannot believe the moderators have not closed it. For the record
  14. Hi Guys, That is no problem - I was relieved as everyone to know Cassandra and he are ok. He is an amazing person - even after what has happened he still is in good spirits. Obviously there are a lot of people who were interested in him not only from a patient point of view in regards to future treatment from him but also to a lot of us considered him a friend and care about him. The weirdest thing for me, coming from Australia, is had I not had scars I would never have probably been to New
  15. Hi Everyone, I can confirm I spoke with Doctor Yarborough today and Pat & Cassandra and Him are all ok and managed to get out of New Orleans in time - it was not easy though. They don't know when they will be able to return to New Orleans but believe it will be at least 1 month before they will be allowed back in to see how much damage has been done. Depending on how much damage has been done to the hospital will depend on when he can get in touch with patients. He believes it will be a