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  1. The Best for the price

    My face became super sensitive from shaving and ingrown hairs, then dove came to the rescue. Fragranced soaps can sting and this soap is extremely gentle. I personally only use it for my face as it has proven itself to be too gentle for my body. For that I use lever2000.
  2. The1Namo

    I love it

    I love it

    This is my favorite lotion, second only to Cetaphil Daily Advanced. When I started to use Cetaphil on my face, I stopped getting new acne!
  3. Cetaphil is my choice.

    I love this lotion. It takes slightly longer to absorb than Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion, but once it absorbs, my skin stays hydrated for a day or longer. I think their are really to skin types, skin that thinks it makes sense to go without lotion and skin that grow scales if let unmoisturized. If one is in the first category then Cetaphil moisturizing lotion makes sense. However, if one is like me, in the second category, then Daily Advanced is like magic. After it absorbs.