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  1. Alright, well I guess I'll send them an email when I get a chance. Well as for forums... there's the propecia help forum which is essentially people who took finisteride... Whether or not they have found a cure/remedy I'm not sure I haven't done enough research. I don't really care at this point.. If my name gets out there whatever...This is a serious issue though and people need to be warned.
  2. what the actual f--k. I'm kind of appalled at how this thread just ends with this.
  3. Haha, wuuurdd...for real? Thas real talk sahn. 4 real tho . Alright, anyone else?
  4. I'm making this post because it seems like this is a silent epidemic that limited amount of people have knowledge or insight about. I've done vast amounts of research on this topic, reading countless medical journals, posts around the internet and have done individual research. I've only been able to produce meager results and its not enough. (Keep reading to find out) I have these exact symptoms - similar to what everyone else is experiencing: -declining libido/complete lack of sexual inte