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  1. Pros: Cheaper No white coloration Easier to put on No smell Cons: When you squeeze it out of the tube, it doesn't come out in a fine line like on-the-spot. A lot of it comes out so it's hard to tell how much you are using. Not a big deal though. /
  2. You are 100% wrong Acne is such a problem that if a company had a blockbuster drug to cure it, they would make billions a year from it
  3. The regimen has been working very well except for my nose. I often get white heads that turn really red. My nose is often oily as well. Any advice?
  4. I got a pimple on the border of my lip every now and then too. Not much you can do. If it looks like these pictures... http://www.usc.edu/hsc/dental/PTHL501/HA/i...x-herpes-2.html then its herpes. Herpes burns and tingles... i dont think you have that
  5. i get those every now and then. its starts with a pain and then turns bright red. sometimes it comes to a head and other times it doesnt. either way it goes away eventually. just another pimple im afraid
  6. By day 2 my face was stinging VERY bad and it was bright red. I almost stopped but hung in there. By about day 7 the stinging went away mostly (depends on the kind of moisturizer I use) and now my face is just slightly red (im on day 10). Your symptoms sound normal to me.
  7. I rarely get cysts, but if i do and it comes to a head, i pop it and then it usually heals for me in just a couple days. I find that they take too long to go away on their own.
  8. Well your first goal is to get completely clear. Once you are clear for a while (i dont know how long, maybe someone here can advise), I'd start to ween yourself off BP gradually and seeing what happens. For instance, only do it once a day for a while. Are you still clear? If so, then do it every other day. Still clear? Then keep going like that until you dont need to use products anymore. That's what I'm going to do.
  9. If I go natural, my face gets bad in only a couple days. Maybe some day
  10. Dan: I don't see anything wrong with you making money for your time. If we're getting a good deal on the price AND my face stays clear, I have no problem you we making a profit. You should be compensated for your time. As for people thinking the regimen is just to sell BP... the fact is that it works. Definitely not a gimmick, as many of us here can attest to.
  11. My face was tomato red for about 5 days ( I was getting comments). I kept with it and now its just slightly red and my face is noticeably clearer. It was worth it
  12. My face feels fine when I put on the BP, but after I put on the moisturizer (even in the middle of the day), it burns very badly for about 5-10 minutes. Right now I'm using Oil-Free Moisure Nutrogena. The other night at the gym I used their cheap lotion on my face and it didn't burn at all. Any tips??
  13. I'm on day 6 on BP and started at day 2 with a bright red face and burning for a couple hours a day. It was really bad, but now the redness is mostly gone and the burning is limited to just 30 minutes a day. Hang in there... redness will go away. Someone at work thought i was a skiier and got sunburn