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  1. Well, there is an effective treatment called the V-beam, which is a laser. It is designed specifically to target redness, but it can cost you. There have been people on this board who paid anywhere from $75 - $400 per treatment, and you will need a series of them. From personal experience I can tell you that I have tried sooo many alternatives suggested on this board, like prescription hydroquinone (Lustra-AF), topical exfoliants, manual exfoliants, chemical peels, aloe vera gel and plant, egg white masks with lemon, and more that I won't bother mentioning. (Oh and I have just completed a course of Accutane and am now maintaining with Retin-A Micro). Anyway, the V-beam treatments are the only thing that have successfully treated the post-acne redness. I cannot recommend this enough; I only want to help you and spare you any pain in wasted time, money, and effort. Don't get me wrong, there are treatments that I mentioned that have worked for others, but perhaps just not me. Please look into it, but please be sure to find a good dermatologist/nurse to perform it. It makes all the difference. And more importantly, you really really should resolve the acne before treating the marks, otherwise it will be a cycle of getting pimples, treating marks, then getting more pimples, and treating marks...you get the idea. Best of luck!