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  1. heyheyhey! wow that's a coincidence...japan ey! i'm leaving for the philippines (and stopping in Japan) for some months. sad news is i'll probably have to end my log, but i sincerely wish that you get what you've been so patiently awaiting. by the way, you look incredible! there isn't a doubt in my mind that with your progress and your skin's capacity to heal so

    1. heylo skin. why won't you clear all your gunk out already. i'm almost done with month 3, and still, so many clogged pores. like weird bubbly looking things that look like they're trying to clear, but then when they do more come to substitute their beloved absence. um. i am dumbfounded. i was clear at this point during my last course, and strange thing is my skin was waaaaay worse then. then again, i was on a higher dose. good news is no angry actives. note to self: be grateful.
    2. sorry poor log for not updating but i was at my auntie's helping her move in to her new place...which meant no internet. but back on track! Day 80 something or rather i'm constantly afraid of being too optimistic or daring to bear good news, simply because of the infamous, scientific law called "jinksing." yessir. but knock on wood, or this imitation wood veneer known as ikea, there are sunny skies in this forecast of mine. things to remind myself to be grateful for: the bruises from the l
    3. o deary dear dear! you must resent me for my absence but please forgive me. purdy please. purdy girl. but i'm back! and here to stay until you and i finish this course! let's hear an update. how are you, and i mean that. not just pimple-count, etc-wise, but in all other aspects. i know from experience that from rock-bottom the only way left is up, so hopefully you're up there. don't hold back any rants, venting, gibberish, and all goodies.
    4. not that you'll be reading this post most likely, but hey second courses of accutane are the one-two punch. i don't remember the percentages but you could more than easily find it in studies on a google search, but a good percentage of accutaners go on a second course (though the first course as you noted helps tremendously) and go on to find long-term relief- dare i say permanent. yea so i blabber all this because i was/am in the same boat and chose to go on a second course (presently on it) an
    5. today was CA-RAZAY! phew. first, i've been experiencing this phenomenal life-altering change. philosophy class has been like a dose of medicine that woke me up from this coma of ignorance, i guess you could say. this may be the most bizarre comment to ever sweep acne.org: but i love what acne has done for me. i don't want to be just another someone who overcomes it and says, phew, i'm glad that's over with, now i can bask in my hott self again. no, i'm going to embrace the luggage that came with
    6. dude, i almost forgot...when i saw your pic just then, that you silly-ly (ha!) labeled gross, i was going to write: i must buy you a new pair of eyes to go with that purdy face hellz you've got to admit, that should be the next best pick-up line to sweep the world. or city. or block. or maybe just my house. i found an old song that made my day...um last week. maybe it'll make yours. though my reasons were more geared toward heartbreak. (it was my choice, though i realized after i had made a t
    7. (note: that picture was not at all gross. and i'm not just saying that to comfort you either!) i am a layman, but i absolutely believe several conditions can develop into acne. just look at rosacea, which has been dermatologically recognized as having acne-like symptoms in more progressed stages. oddly enough, when i had countless little bumps eveywhere, some of them actually started to develop into pimples! i just knew that if this didn't get treated, and fast, i would be crashing head-on in
    8. now that's a thinker. it can't be a rash or allergic reaction, if there is no itchiness. but definitely a reaction of some sort. good news is you see it fading, so it's on the road to recovery. how's it looking today? i almost forgot to mention, which i wanted to from the first time i saw your log. have you (or your dermatologist) ever considered eczema as being a culprit? the strange thing is, a month or so ago i had thee very same thing as your first pic (i think it was), with a crazy attack
    9. aw funny bunnies...hath means has, so september has thirty i have short-term memory when it comes to all things useful, so here's my fail-proof method: make a fist, and look at your top knuckles. the 'peaks' are the thirty-one days, and the 'valleys'...aren't. so go count from index to pinky your january february march april may june july, and once you run out, go back to the index finger peak. i think i managed to make that sound over-complicated, but i promise it's ever so easy. hope that
    10. ahhh, family. they can be an awesome escape mechanism from skin problems haha. i wish you good luck!
    11. hey chels! mm just wondering if you've had the heads up on all the good stuff that you should stock up on during your accutane course? just in case, many on this board are currently using: Aquaphor (by Eucerin, for the lips) Head n Shoulders (in case your scalp dries out too) facial moisturizer of course Visene (eyes may start becoming irritated) Vaseline or some other intensive body lotion o and watch that cholesterol and drink plenty of water. completely up to you, but you could ask your d
    12. something i wanted to document in my log: quite a few teensy pustules showed up today, with a good number on my forehead. when i go to the derm next week, i'll ask for antibiotics. i'm so terrified of breaking out because it takes an unbelievable amount of time for my fair skin to heal. not like one of those people who can get a zit and have the mark heal within days or weeks. but lucky me...it can take months. o well, tons of family came over and i laughed myself silly. good times, good times
    13. i gave my camera to my aunt so she could have it fixed. so hopefully that means i'll be getting pics on here soon
    14. you my dear could very well be the next saint. in all seriousness...whoa. but really i never knew of anyone who would willingly choose indescribable, unfathomable pain. someone who could be so insightful as to see the benefits to be reaped at the end of an arduous road. wow. i mean can you comprehend how...well...super-human that is? it completely blows my mind. never in my life have i thought about choosing acne or any other means toward humility, but rather thought of being grateful for it.
    15. i'm jealous too, that you're so far along. i want a fast-forward button! by all means add me onto that list of people being too nice to you. i shall call it: Operation Overinflate Tyler's Ego. by the time we're done with you- or should i say accutane is done with you- i expect a smashing success.
    16. Day 5 let me see let me see... nothing monumental has been happening, although i have had a few baby spots come up. but nothing like before, without all the nastiness of pus or inflamation. yum. so i expect that these lovely doves should be flying off soon. i suppose i could be drier than normal, but then again we've had some non-los angeles weather in that it's been freakishly chilly. what gets to me is that my complexion would be quite nice actually if i weren't still bruised from that laser
    17. Sorry it took me a while to reply- the name is called Revitalash. I wish I had taken before and after pictures, because the results have been amazing for me, even though I was skeptical in the beginning. But I trusted my dermatologist when she recommended it (because she's a doctor and not some sales clerk working on commission), especially when I saw the Physician Assitant's before and after pictures. Her lashes are just stunning. You can order off their website, certain doctor's offices, and c
    18. well every dermatologist out there warns against unprotected sun exposure like the plague, and even more so during an accutane course. every time i go for a visit, (i've been to like four in the beverly hills/hollywood area recently to ensure quality care), they always ask me if i have sunscreen on before i leave, like i'll melt or something if i don't. BUT, i've read on here of people who react really well to sun exposure, though i find that these are the people who tan as opposed to burn. do y
    19. thanks Tyler for the support. your name is so...quaint, like an ideal american name. Day 3 update: well, not much to update! i'm only three days in, and even if small things kick in, i'm not the type to blame accutane for everything. my lips have been dry and my hands have been cracky long before i started (i think my washing is borderline obsessive), so i'm cutting that down. still need to go accutane grocery shopping! it feels like so much is going on in my life, and yet so little. like
    20. o and one more bit to add to that novel above (ha sorry it's friggin long), restoration treatments DO work. BUT, the key is finding the right treatment for your skin, otherwise, you could cause damage, go about in circles, receive little to no results, etc. most of that good stuff should be done well after your course though, as i'm sure you know. heads up: i am currently having treatments done for post-acne redness. i just thought i might mention that to give you some hope/comfort. i go in ne
    21. haha you bet! AA here i come. makes me think of alcoholics anonymous, or better yet, acne annonymous. since spandex is taken, i'll be rockin some knee-high socks, 70s short shorts, and of course, that headband thingy. sexy... i hear you about asking god for strength. call me silly, but to this day, i can't help but wish upon a star, and pray the same prayers. i questioned why it was that i had suffered, or why good people in the world suffer, and overfed ignorant fools roam about without the ta