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  1. thanks for the replies everyone.. Parks, what exaclty is the name of this product you used?? Cheers
  2. what is the best product (that actually works) for eliminating blackheads? As i have them on my nose, and lots of tiny bumps on my forehead which wont go. thanks
  3. hey.. Another of my probs is my poor complexion. is there any decent products that work to give a clear complexion/nice and smooth skin?? As my problem isn't acne anymore but my poor complexion. Thanks
  4. ...a moisturizer that covers up dryness but doesn't leave your skin oily and shiny looking!?...Something mattifying. As i am using E45, which works great. But it leaves my skin looking oily/shiny! Cheers..
  5. what happens if you just put this HP on a specific area of the face, does it actually lghten the skin and make you look stupid?
  6. most definately Iceland.. and they have 6 women to every one man.
  7. since posting i have found this product that can be found in boots called Fade Out. It seems to come highly recommended.
  8. ...the marks left after acne. I am not talking about the red marks that disappear in a few days/weeks. but the "brown" marks that seem to stay forever!!?? As my main problem is not acne (i think, touch wood) it is gone now...but the "brown" marks left behind on my forehead. This has left me in a worse state of depression that the actual acne i used to have. As the marks don't seem to disappear. If anyone knows of anything that may help this, i would very much appreciate it. (i as here as i