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  1. A cream containing DMAE and Alpha Lipoic Acid. thanks
  2. It's called: Oil Of Olay Total Effects Intensive Overnight Treatment this is what pharmacy2u says about it:
  3. thanks very much shagnscoob. some of those places unfortunately don't ship to the UK, would anyone know the equivalent that's available over here by any chance? thanks
  4. wow, okay. I read through this entire post, but are somewhat confused as everyone is recommending different products. Can someone please make an update on what toner, cream and vitamins (preff a multi type) to use and where to buy them online? It would be very much appreciated!! thanksyou P.S. I live in the UK..(some places don't ship here)
  5. I am going to be using it on my forehead only, will this cause my forehead to look uneven in any way to the rest of my face after it has peeled and went back to normal? Also, do you just apply it to your skin and leave it on or wash with anything afterwards? thanks
  6. can you use this at night then go out the next day or does it peel your face (or make it all read/burn) and cause downtime?
  7. Hmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmmmm... I think i'd still rather use some product that can maybe speed up the process or help it...
  8. lol, i just noticed and replied to the other thread. but anyway, i have some that are over 8 months old! that's what worries me!
  9. wow, in the same boat as me. but i have them all over my forehead and even some that are 8 months old! I am starting to doubt wether they will fade or not. Is there anyone that knows for sure these do fade?
  10. E45 is the acne evil! It is a very greasy moisturiser. I recommend Nivea Visage oil free moisturising fluid. Also, there is nothing wrong with PanOxyl's AquaGel. I've used it..
  11. i will read it, but can someone help me out here: i need something that will clear my forehead without making my skin light or out of place to the rest of my face which is fine..
  12. www.dermalux.co.uk Simple question: do these work?
  13. where online can i buy this that ships to the UK?? thanks
  14. does it fade the colour of the skin? As my forehead has lots of the little brown marks, spot treatment would be impossible. So i would hate for my forehead to whiten more than the rest of my face.
  15. does anyone know of a surefire way (or the best way) to get rid of the brown(ish) coloured marks left after acne? They aren't scars, just these horrible little marks where the acne was. As that seems to be my problem on my forehead which really sucks! thanks
  16. why can't you sell it?? (you might aswell, if you don't need it)
  17. interesting! but it would take so long to get a derm appointment here..do you know if you can buy that stuff online? (i will do a search myself too)
  18. does this NuCelle Mandelic Serum 10% lighten the whole face to make you look lighter than the rest of your skin??
  19. my problem isn't really acne, i used to get alot of spots on my forehead and after they disappeared they left like a dark spot. Which i beleive is called or is melatonin. Anyway, i have lots of these dark spots on my forehead and i CAN NOT go out in public without a hat on!! (it is that bad, i am VERY self concious) Anyway, is there ANYTHING, please say there is something that can get my skin all back to the same colour???? **I was seriously considering the tanning beds to cover it up,
  20. I apologisie if this had been asked before. Byt hopefully someone can give me a full and straight up answer. B5, i have read about it and it seems to be a miracle cure..i dont know. Anyway, how much B5, B-Complex, and vitamin C (optional i know) would you have to take each day? Also, does it actually cause hair thinning or is this a rare side effect? Thanks