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  1. I'm sorry, been busy.. smile.gif

    I have used the lactic twice now. Will be applying it for a third time within the next hour or so.

    My skin is noticibly (sp) smoother, and the red marks do look like they've faded a little. I could see this doing good if you keep it up twice a week for a while. biggrin.gif

    I also use creams with antioxidants in it, to speed up the process.

  2. i have the red/brown marks left over from old acne. By back to normal, i don't mean they have cleared from one application, i mean the pinkness from the lactic has subsided, allowing me to go out.

    It will take a few applications before i can see i guees. But overall skin tone is looking great. Nice and soft too.. smile.gif

  3. bnb, i just did my first application of 50% lactic acid! I left it on for 4 minutes, for a wee while afterwards my face was nice and pinkish. I applied this at 8pm and it is now 9pm and i am pukka (back to normal!!)

    So yes, back to uni tomorrow. biggrin.gif

    My skin looks so much better and it just glows! I look forward to my next application..

    All the best//

  4. you should check out OC Eight Oil Control Genius.

    this is what pharmacy2u says about it:


    A breakthrough in skin care that puts you in control of oil and shine. Unique formula with Acrysorb, invisible micro-particles that lock away surface oil on contact. 


    Unique formula OC8 contains Acrysorb - an invisable oil-absorbing polymer. It's micro-particles can absorb and trap up to six time their own volume of facila oil (sebum). The result is clear, shine-free skin for up to 8 hours.

    Skin care/make-up - OC8 has been formulated with a light moisturising base. It doesn't dry your skin and as a result use of an additional moisturiser should not be necessary. OC8 is alcohol free and won't cause irritation. What's more, it's non-comedogenic, which means it doesn't encourage spot formation. OC8 soaks up the sebum that causes your face to shine and your make up to streak and run. If applying make-up wait until your face is dry to the touch. Make sure you choose oil-free make-up. 


    If you use a cleanser, cleanse first. Then apply OC8 every morning as part of your daily skin care routine. Gently massage into your face using light circular movements, paying particular attention to your forehead and nose (T-zone). OC8 has been formulated to last for up to 8 hours, but can be re-applied if required during the day. More information available at www.oc8.co.uk 

  5. Can anyone tell me if these would be a suitable alternative to the vitamins, as i can't get the ones gamer recommended. (i live in the uk).

    I can get these if anyone knows if they're good:

    True Food All Man from health-store.co.uk, here is what 3 pills daily provide:

    Vitamin A (5000iu) 1500µg

    True Food Betacarotene 1mg

    True Food Vitamin B1 3mg

    True Food Vitamin B2 3mg

    True Food Vitamin B3 18mg

    True Food Vitamin B5 10mg

    True Food Vitamin B6 2.5mg

    True Food Vitamin B12 1µg

    True Food Folic Acid 100µg

    True Food Biotin 50µg

    Vitamin C from True Food vitamin C, Magnesium Ascorbate 244.2mg

    True Food Bioflavonoids 8mg

    True Food Vitamin D 1.5µg

    True Food Vitamin E 5mg

    True Food Vitamin K 30µg

    MINERALSTrue Food Boron 750µg

    Calcium (From Lithothamion calcarea) 120mg

    True Food Copper 1mg

    True Food Chromium GTF 30µg

    Iodine (from Kelp) 50µg

    True Food Iron 2mg

    True Food Lithium 750µg

    Magnesium, (from True Food Magnesium, Lithothamion Calcarea, Magnesium Ascorbate) 37.68mg

    True Food Manganese 1mg

    True Food Molybdenum 20µg

    True Food Selenium 75µg

    True Food Strontium 

    True Food Vanadium 50µg

    True Food Zinc 12mg

    True Food Co-enzyme Q10 2.7mg

    True Food Super Potency Soyagen 10mg



    Artichoke 10mg


    Anise 10mg

    Brocolli 4:1 extract 5mg

    Capsicum 4:1 extract 5mg

    Coriander 15mg


    Dandelion Extract 

    Fenugreek 10mg

    Garlic 10mg

    Ginger 10mg

    Gingko biloba 10mg

    Horsetail 10mg


    Kelp 9.15mg

    Parsley 5mg

    Pau D'arco 



    Sweet Basil 10mg

    Watercress 10mg

    Wild Lettuce 10mg


    Alpha Lipoic acid 5mg

    Bromelain 20mg

    DMAE 10mg

    L-carnitine 25mg

    Tyrosine 20mg


    Lactosporogenes 5 million