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  1. thanks, i since got some..but i was meaning UK online shops. thanks anyway
  2. I'm sorry, been busy.. I have used the lactic twice now. Will be applying it for a third time within the next hour or so. My skin is noticibly (sp) smoother, and the red marks do look like they've faded a little. I could see this doing good if you keep it up twice a week for a while. I also use creams with antioxidants in it, to speed up the process.
  3. i have the red/brown marks left over from old acne. By back to normal, i don't mean they have cleared from one application, i mean the pinkness from the lactic has subsided, allowing me to go out. It will take a few applications before i can see i guees. But overall skin tone is looking great. Nice and soft too..
  4. bnb, i just did my first application of 50% lactic acid! I left it on for 4 minutes, for a wee while afterwards my face was nice and pinkish. I applied this at 8pm and it is now 9pm and i am pukka (back to normal!!) So yes, back to uni tomorrow. My skin looks so much better and it just glows! I look forward to my next application.. All the best//
  5. au contrare mon cher! when i placed an order twith them, they were with me every wtep of the way. Responded kindly and quickly to every email and even cancelled the order no questions or prblem when i wanted to.
  6. Either the 40 or 55% lactic peels. The good thing with lactic is there is no downtime. I am just about to start my lactic acid 50% today. So fingers crossed..
  7. -- .It wouldn't damage, as you can buy rubbing alcohol. It would probably just cause you to break out pretty badly. Alcohol is one of the worst things for acne prone skin.
  8. i hope not, as i need to go to uni each day. I will have mine tomorrow hopefully so i can tell you then what it's like. But from what i've read, no it doesn't. Check the lactic acid thread in this forum.
  9. i just get my fishing rod out and go down to the river and catch myself the freshest salmon around! But in Scotland you can buy fresh wild salmon everywhere.
  10. Try lactic acid, it doesn't have any downtime. There is a big thread on it in here somehwere.
  11. did your skin where the blackhead were go back to normal and nice and smooth or just fill in again later with more blackheads?
  12. would it be okay to steam my face to loosen pores, then wash my face and then use the lactic neutraliser then the lactic acid..?? Or would loosening the pores like that do harm with the lactic acid applied? cheers
  13. doesn't that much water flush out all the goodniSs in you, leaving your body deprived of essential vitamins and minerals?
  14. Hey.. I found these vitamins, they have ALOT of very good ingredients, alot of antioxidants like DMAE and ALA. It's recommended to take 3 a day, and that will give what is stated on the list. For b5 that gives you 10mg. Surely this would be better than taking 20 b5's and a bcomplex each day? Let me know, thanks http://www.health-store.co.uk/acatalog/info_1557.html