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  1. sadly no i had to login in 5 times before i could even get to this screen to post im not sure what it is about the forum but A.org is the only one that gives me this issue. ive cleaned all cookies across all browsers but everytime i get logged in il just click one topic and it will show me as logged out . i dont know if its a proxy or what not but man its annoying.maybe i should just setup a new account. i mean just posting this has literally taking me 15 mins of going out and in
  2. 1st week over Ok so after about day 3-4 i wasnt getting anymore new breakouts.but i am having a bit of an IB on my neck and side jawline....nothing too hectic but alot of gunk is coming out from these areas.its fine cause id rather have it there than anywhere else.my general face is looking great but i can still see alot of underlying acne that will come up.im just wondering how this 1 week a month thing is gonna work? i mean i just started to get the dry lips now and as soon as they start its
  3. Hi, im not sure but i do recall others having this issue.what happens is that i login and it shows me logged in and then a few pages later of browsing it tells me im not logged in and i need to log in again. Now its not my browser...i can promise that.i have tried IE,Opera, Firefox and all the firefox updates but the problem persists. i remember when i used to visit the forum i have the same issue and it was one one the reasons i gave up.ive formatted my pc multiple times since then and ive eve
  4. The orginal topic and post is GOLD I actually agree 100%. Acne is a part of you but doesnt make you who you are. ive noticed many times before than even when i have a huge breakout and i go out in public,once i start interacting with ppl i just act myself and 4get about my acne. My friends treat me NOOO differently from when i have or dont have it. Its more a personal issue. Also is it just me or does anyone else see thier acne as a completely seperate entity from your body? like every time y
  5. Ok so im popping my first 2 pills today. whats wierd is right now im basically clear.i have 2 semi sized zits on my left cheek that are already healing. but this is the mindgame i play with myself ALLLL the time. i say : 'This is the last zit il get and then il be clear for life' Bullcrap I cant do these topicals anymore, Benzac etc.....they help heal the acne but seriously i just want to prevent them from coming up. But ive been thinking all day .... what if i breakout real bad because of th
  6. so i spoke to my doc and he says there is a method to his madness. he stated if i dont see any results after 3 months i may need to start taking daily . im really confused..... it would be real comforting if i knew someone else who'd gone through this...... the last thing id want if for me 2 be a guinea pig of somesorts.lol.
  7. yeah i know...... anyone else heard of this? Il definetely try and keep the log up to date.but im a little nervous going into something im not sure about
  8. So i went to the doc for a different issue and i as i was about to leave i also expressed my concern about my acne that has returned since early last year. Heres the thing...hes no derm but he authorized my first set of pills in 2006. i feel kinda sad for those who go through such a mission to get it while over here its ready in a few minutes. So im starting next week, the 1st of April with my first pill. i will take 40 mg for 7 days and ONLY these 7 days. then i will have to wait for the next
  9. 2 years ago while i was on Tane and having and IB .... A toddler i knew asked if i had SKIN Cancer.... lol i laughed it off at the time but il never forget it
  10. ppl THAT shallow have no respect.... i mean seriously how could someone not think twice about what they saying. deserves a slap.... to put it in simple terms
  11. haahahahah so so so true about so many ppl here!!!!! most have little or no acne.... Amykins - youre hot...... and Calibos - i havent been on here for 2 years and you still here bud? lol. i remember all the ladies swooning over you back then with all the johnny depp comments? hahahaha classic
  12. hahahah oh my god....you speak openly about acne to your friends???? i couldnt ever.id rather talk about things WAYY worse than acne.as soon as my friends bring up zits or anything pimple related im like 'OH guys did i tell you i got a new TV' or something. screw that.lol. but your story is funny...
  13. when i do pick - which is often - i know where to stop.if its not ripe dont pick it!!! i mean vitamin e will help and all but your skin has to go through the healing process.no ways to speed that up....! i just picked one myself and i know its only gonna be back to 'normal' on sunday.
  14. your derm will possibly schedule an appointment to see how bad it is but wont rush you into any full on prescriptions. but that must really suck..... call your derm for advice
  15. hey Scoobydoo, i also never used to visit the site after my course but funnily enough im back now because the acne is back aswell i dont wanna do round #2 but i guess il have 2