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  1. Hey everyone, what up. I am about 1.5 months post tane. The results were freaking amazing. I dind't really see amazing results until about a month after i was done. the redness went away and my skin is perfect. I never really had the scarring acen, i think i just spread it around and made it worse bc i would freak out and wash my face like 3 times a day before i knew that it was actually making it worse. My skin improves everyday, but sometimes ill just get a red mark that pops up, then fad
  2. i was making a point. acne goes away. if you get scars, then that really sucks man, but hey, thats life, and it never goes the way you want it. at least your alive.
  3. look, i know how bad acne can fucking be. i had bad acne, i took accutane and my face is now perfect. if its that bad, take accutane. my good friend just got diagnosed with fucking MS, yes, a terminal disease. i am disgusting with myself for letting a little thing such as acne make me sad and think i had nothing. she is going to DIE. think about it.
  4. Sup everyone. I am 8 days post tane. I had a pretty high does of 80 mg per day from start to finish. gave me a nice IB and hella redmarks and redness. After my skin became completely smooth, all i had to deal with was the redness and shit. It seems like some days my skin will calm down, but some days it will get really red and all the red marks will glow. It's so annoying and unpredictable. I really thought I'd be clear by the end of my course, but of course, acne is still fucking with my
  5. hey everyone, Finished accutane yesterday. Skin is baby smooth and ncie. However, I have a red tint to my face. I'm assuming this is tane burn? Plus i still have some redmarks and still dry lips. My acne wasn't that bad, but i have kinda sensitive skin so tane made my face red. When will this fade? Thanks a bunch guys.
  6. hey everyone, im like 3 days away from finishing up accutane. I never erally that acne TOO bad, but i had some bad issues with having any at al and wanted to get rid of it. i started on a high dose and got a horrendous IB. lots of cysts and i broke out so much during the process. While my skin is baby smoothh, i have redness and redmarks. Its weird, the mirror in my own bathroom is normal and these last few weeks ill look in the mirror and my skin will be perfect. then at the library or so
  7. Yeah, I am into month 5, my skin will get very good, then go balistac again. It is very frustrating and hard but I know I will be clear by the end of treatment. You really just have to stick it out all the way through and you will be clear. Accutane works in cycles, it makes you very clear, then boom, it'll hit you again. Just wait it out and be patient. And yes, I do have redmarks where no acne has formed. It's just part of the accutane experience.
  8. Im about a week into month 5. I never had severe acne, just pretty consistent and moderate on my cheeks. I had a horrible IB. I swear my acne completely dissapears and then comes back in full force. why the fuck am i breaking out in month 5!?!?!? I have had 80 mgs from start to finish. I'm starting to lose hope in accutane. My skin is smooth, my marks fade so well. then the next day, more pimples, and the marks come back in full force. is this how this shit works? i cannot fight it any
  9. thanks a bunch guys, that helps alot. It just takes alot outta me when ive been waiting sooo long for clear skin, but even when my skin is smooth as silk it still looks bad. I never thought my bumps and roughness would go away...but it did, I never thought id stop breaking out...but i did. So im pretty sure the under the skin shit is that last step in the treatment. just gotta be patient for a little longer...good luck to anyone on accutane..its 5 months of hell for a life time of happiness.
  10. Im 2 days away from finishing month 4. Ive been through it all with accutane. I started off with moderate persistant acne. Then i had an horrendous IB, full of cysts and crap. Now, my skin is baby smooth, its amazing, but there is pink and red shit on my cheeks where the IB wass from and all the other acne. I havn'et really been breaking out since month 3, but this shit under my skin is not going away, it fades a bit, but then comes back in full force. someone please give me some advice.
  11. Hey everyone, I truly am running out of patience. I am 10 days away from ending month 4. My face is completely smooth, however, i have pink patches of oil under my skin and its just blotchy and everything. However, they become less rade and pink everyday. Will these completely go away? I want my nice, white, healthy skin back. is this normal? thanks eveyrone, and GOOD LUCK if your on tane, that shit is a wild ride for sure.
  12. Hey everyone. I am just finishing up my course of tane and fuckin hell it worked. Now that i have zero acne my life has been sweet, but i still feel really down when i see peeps with acne bc i had to deal with it for almost a whole year, and it came out of nowhere. im 19. I dont think i have past a single person with acne and seen them with a smile on their face. Almost all the time i can tell they are just torn up inside and i hurt for them. anyone else agree?
  13. Im 10 days into month 4, although my skin is smooth all over, both my cheeks are just red marked to hell and red overall, when thefuck is this going to enndddddddd. 80 mgs a day from day 1, 165 pounds.
  14. yes, definitly helpful, i dont htink it will matter really thanks
  15. Im getting worried . For around the first month or so I didn't take my tane pill with much food. Take it when i wake up, eat an hour later, then take the other one a few hours later. I was so anxious for clear skin I took my pills as soon as i could during the day. However, starting at month 2 or so I began taking my pills with food every single time. Around 1 month i broke out bad in and IB, then kinda steady improvement with breakouts from then on. Im 10 days into month 4 now, face is tot