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  1. Why is it compulsory to apply Adaferin for atleast 2 weeks before a chemical peel? Or is it not compulsory? However the dermatologist said so.
  2. any idea why they become worse during certain climates or do you know anything that will help?
  3. Share ANY idea about chemical peeling. Please! My dermatologist said to make an appointment for chemical peeling and I would be glad if I could gt an idea about it.
  4. So basically this is my story about my acne. I've had acne since the start of my teenage years. But they are getting worse year by year. Now I'm 20 years old and there's no ending of this suffering. Recently I've started to see a pattern of how I get acne. From the month November to march my acne all clear up leaving only the scars and the red spots. From April I again start having acne no matter what treatment I take. The funny part is that I get acne on the same spots on my face I've had acne
  5. Is there anyone who got pregnant after finishing the accutane treatment with no problem? I just need to make sure
  6. Have you heard it causing infertility? Do you know anyone who had babies after taking accutane?
  7. Did it really helped with spots? Did it really helpe with clearing spots? I'm going to take accutane in another week and I'm curious to know. Did it help with clearing red marks? It would mean alot if you'd answer.
  8. Hi! I have these two queations based on roaccutane. 1st I wanna know if it will help to get rid of acne marks that are on my face from older acne. I haven't picked or anything but the acne leave red marks. And then the other question is will accutane cause infertility? Are there any people who had babies after taking accutane.
  9. Have you had any babies(healthy) after the use of accutane? Did it cause any problem with having healthy babies?