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  1. yeah i find the christmas holiday a bit of an anti climax too, pity because it could be fun..
  2. I tend to hold the tears back as best as I can, even if I was alone. Man thing I suppose. Quite odd really.
  3. No arrests made as of yet and not for a while it seems. I'm only a PCSO so I have the same powers of arrest as you - very few. But other than that I'm doing great ;D

  4. yer not too bad mate nothing new, so i take it your're a plod now right? arrested any fools yet? ha

  5. It's been a while, huh. How're things?

  6. Wow the steps women take seem alien to me. I have fair hair on my arms, but thats not to say it isn't manly.
  7. What do you mean by picking? Now and then I'll pop a fat yellow one, but I havn't had anything to pop for a while (yipee!)
  8. 19 and living with my mum for the moment. I'd like to move out and get a flat near lewisham, but prices are too high to do it alone for a while. I can get cheaper housing through the police but I still think I should wait untill I have a girlfriend to move in with.
  9. You didn't have any comments so I thought I'd say Hi.


  10. happy birthday mate, av a good one.