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  1. I started taking zinc again today. Turns out that the regular dose that I took was way too low, maybe that explains why it wasn't working.
  2. I feel bad for you and hope things will get better. Being happy is just way harder when you suffer from acne. I always feel like I'm not really happy. For example, I got accepted to my favorite art school, I'm definitely happy about it, but it's not full happinness because I know I have to deal with my face again and probably skip classes and not be very open in conversations because I'm afraid people will say something about my skin. Anyway: do you have any idea in what might be the main caus
  3. I highly recommend using glycolic acid based products (toner, cream, pads whatsoever), with the highest amount of glycolic acid you can get (10-15% i think). And also maybe a good moisturizer with vitamin C in it. Works wonders for me. I think you can order Lycogel online somewhere : )
  4. Update: I'm still on DIM, even though I feel like it's making my acne worse, I want to check for the full 2 months to see if it's going to work or not. Since yesterday I'm also taking psyllium husk everyday to help with my digestion and hopefully blood sugar. I'm also on homeopathic therapy and he said (with confidence) that my acne will clear up in about two weeks from now. FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!!
  5. Good toner for mild/moderate acne

    I actually feel that this is working. When I apply it, my skin looks dewy and beautiful. Although I haven't seen any improvement of my cystic acne (severe) on my lower cheeks, my skin in general just looks much better, less oily, my blackheads disappeared. I'm using it for only a week, so I'm excited to see if it's eventually working for my cystic acne as well, in a couple of months.
  6. You might wanna try Lycogel foundation, I'm not sure if it fully covers your scars, since you don't wanna apply too much or else people will be able to see it, but that's the only product I can think of, I believe they also have a concealer. That might be something. What do you do to make your hyperpigmentation disappear faster?
  7. Have you already noticed some changes in your skin? I'm considering saw palmetto as well.
  8. Isn't there something else in your lifestyle/diet that could cause the breakout/rash?
  9. I took the Diane 35 for 6 months or so, but I got extreme headache, and I didn't feel well in general, so I switched to the Yasmin. From what I remember they both helped at the time, but I felt like I was destroying my body.
  10. I did take Zinc for long time, but I don't feel like it made any difference. Maybe I can give it another shot. Now I'm just taking probiotics and vitamin C along with DIM. I'm seriously considering to take a birth control pill though, despite the side effects and everything. I'm just so sick of constantly living my life with acne. (just so you know: it's severe cystic acne that i've had for the past 7 years and i've tried A LOT of things, it got waaaay better a few years ago while I was on a
  11. Does anyone here has experience taking DIM or Estroblock for acne? I'm taking it for about a month now and it has only gotten worse on my face. The strange thing is that my back totally cleared up after 1 week of taking DIM. I am getting kinda desperate since school starts in a month and I can't imagine that my skin gets totally clear within that short amount of time. :\