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  1. While you were taking accutane the oil production output from your skin decreased. In the case with seb derm, the Malassezia yeasts feed on oils on your skin. So in theory accutane should help. The most notable side effect with accutane is dry skin. It's also been linked in causing depression and liver damage with long term use. Seb derm usually becomes worse in the winter months due to the drier air, winds and lack of sunlight. Most people's skin need moisturisers around this time of the y
  2. There's no one solution that works for everyone, you have to find things that work for you and your skin. You're dermatologist has no right to say ACV doesn't work because a lot of people who've used it to treat their seborrheic dermatitis would disagree. Remember, he's not really in tune with natural remedies, what he learned in school were all prescription remedies and textbook methods. They quickly write you prescriptions and prescribe topical creams with corticosteroids. People are so desper
  3. It sounds like early stages of Rosacea. The cheeks and nose turning light red that can come and go is a classic sign. Look for certain triggers for example temperature extremes, spicy foods, stress which can all trigger rosacea.
  4. You can try drinking peppermint tea which helps treat oily skin. Alternatively you may try B5 Pantothenic Acid supplements. Personally I would look at incorporating a BHA exfoliator to help get deep inside your pores. It will penetrate the oil and help clean your pores. Make sure to drink the recommended amount of water daily.
  5. I believe there hasn't been any long term studies conducted on the safety of B5. If I recall there was a Chinese study done on B5 which concluded it did help decrease oil for those with oily skin which in turn helped with acne. But I do think B5 will encourage hair loss so those taking 20-25 grams a day should be weary. I'd rather use powdered form of B5 and mix it to make a facial mask than ingest it if I were unsure of long term effects.
  6. Paula's Choice BHA & AHA, Dan's BP and Cerave moisturiser. I also like using natural alternatives like tea tree oil, coconut oil and raw honey
  7. Do you have a skincare regimen you follow daily? What types of cleansers are you washing with? It sounds like stress/hormonal issues and the depression issues will make it worse. Try to relax by doing yoga, meditate, exercise.
  8. Be careful with applying straight concentration of lemon juice on your face. A better idea would be to use something like an lemon/egg white facial mask.
  9. Look for a shampoo with salicylic acid in it. Neutrogena makes one I believe
  10. Purging can happen virtually any time you use a new product. It's not something you can definitively say can or cannot happen so be prepared for it to happen if you introduce a new treatment to help combat your scars or acne or what not. If you 100% can't afford to have the purge form then don't use the vinegar. It would be nice to use a product that guaranteed no purging, one can dream right?
  11. If you feel almond oil is too greasy for you then try a different oil. The great thing is that there's plenty of oils to try. I personally like jojoba because it mimics your skin's natural sebum. It's also very light and natural and won't feel heavy or greasy. If you want to stray from an oil moisturizer I really like cerave moisturizers. There's a lot of different moisturizers to choose from it's just finding one that works well for your particular skin.
  12. Do you have a moisturizer you could recommend? I really like cerave moisturizers.
  13. Please be careful with your skin. Treat it with the utmost care and always do your research when trying unconventional methods because its not worth the gamble of long term skin damage. Apply some polysporin or neosporin to the area.
  14. If you feel your pores are too big you can try using a toner to help tighten them. Most importantly make sure you keep them clean and free of oil and debris which can lead to them appearing larger. Oil cleansing is a very good option to wash your face. BHA will get deep into your pores to keep them clean as well. My personal opinion your pores are not very noticeable. I have seen examples where the nose resembled a strawberry.
  15. I don't know how long you've been using BP but you have to give it a chance to work. Jumping from product to product just because you don't see instant results isn't going to work. There's no magic formula with acne it takes time and finding a good regimen which you must adhere to is crucial.